10 Tips to Travel with Pet in a Cheap Flight

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Jun 1, 2017 · 4 min read
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If you’re planning to travel the long distance, and you’d like to include your pet, your travel options are unfortunately very limited. In many airlines, you may not even get permission to fly with the pet.

Flying is a fast and convenient way to get to your pet to their destination — rather than spending hours in a car, they will spend just a short time on a plane. However, the risk is there when flying but there are no other options. Before traveling with your pet, Team of Trip Reserver raises some queries which you must answer yourself and ensure a safe journey with your pet.

Is your pet healthy enough to fly?

It is advisable that you should make sure that the pet is healthy enough to travel. He is not physically injured or sick. If this is the case then it’s better to arrange a sitter rather than taking the pet along.

Is your pet’s temperament well-suited for flying?

If your dog is not used to face the crowd, he might get aggressive or highly anxious in new situations, then it is better to wait for some time and practice taking him out in public before a long travel. You must travel with a dog only when you are sure, otherwise, an alternative arrangement can be made.

Does your pet meet the USDA guidelines?

According to USDA regulations, your pet must be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned for five days in order to travel by air.

Will your dog fly with you in the cabin?

The pets have a weight of fewer than 20 Pounds are allowed to travel in cabin and dogs more than that have to travel in the cabin. The cabin stay is the best option provided you pet meets the airline’s criteria. Make sure that your pet does not disturb other passengers.

Will your pet fly in the cargo hold?

Checking your pet as cargo is a bit more complicated than taking him in the cabin with you. It also carries some additional risk, as loss and injury are possible in your absence. However, 2 million pets take to the skies each year, and the vast majority arrive at their destinations safe and sound. If you have concerns about your airline’s track record, the Department of Transportation requires airlines to create a report of any issues that occur with pets on their flights and publishes a monthly Animal Incident Report that’s available for public viewing. Keep in mind that the reports are posted about a month after the month in which they occurred, so incidents in February will be posted in April.

Every plane is different and featured different cargo area conditions and load capacities. In addition, every airline has different procedures for dealing with pets. Mostly they are tied in the cargo area, which is nearby passenger’s area.

Do you have (or need) a health certificate for your pet?

Get your pet’s health checks before journey. A valid health certificate saying that the pet is safe to travel is required by the airlines. Some airlines will accept health certificates completed within 30 days of travel, while others require them to be completed within 10 days. However, the pets traveling in cabins don’t require the health certificate. That being said, most states require that pets who cross into their borders have proof of up-to-date rabies vaccines and valid, recent health certificates. But the Trip Reserver’s team would suggest that you must take pet’s health certificate before traveling to avoid hassles.

When will you be traveling?

If you need to fly during peak travel hours, such as late afternoon or early evening, or peak travel seasons, such as summer or spring break, expect more crowds, less space, more stress and less comfort for your pet. Late-night and early-morning flights are less likely to be crowded, as are fall and winter flights that don’t fall on or around holidays.

Are you planning to take a direct flight?

Direct flights will be a better option to avoid complications and minimize stress on your pet. You know your dog and your travel needs best, so you are the best person to decide whether or not flying is the right choice. Whether you take to the skies or hit the road, always follow established pet safety guidelines to ensure that he has a happy, healthy and fun trip.


The team of Trip Reserver wishes you all the best to you and your pet to travel safely. We wish you a safe journey and wonderful cheap flight trip.

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