Changes in Airplane Booking System in Recent Decades

Like any other sector, technological changes like a use of gadgets, global inventions have brought major changes in the travel industry. At ease, the air traveling has become one of the modern modes of communication.

Still, the technology advancements have the greater impact on the travel industry. In this post, we are bringing old trends of airplane ticket booking and how they have changed over the time?

Airplane ticket booking in the 1980s

The airlines and airports were undergoing the construction phase and there were no strict regulations to follow. The travelers were the real business for the airlines as people were not trusting air travel as means to travel. There was manual booking system used by the travel agents. A separate booking system was there for each airline. The passengers were asked to travel by booking in advance and very few airlines at affordable prices were available. Though it was purely a manual system yet it was a quick, easy, and painless procedure.

The 1990s

Airline travel industry continued to grow. But still, it was not fully computerized. The quality of airlines improved. Until the end of the decade, a computer was used by travel agents and airlines for booking but not mandatory and telephone services were provided in the plane itself.

The 21st Century

Most of the major airports of the world were built. Security became the prime concern in 21st Century, but the travel industry was in control like any other industry. But after 2010, a boon in the industry is seen. We tried to figure out the reasons behind it and some of them are:

  • The invention of websites and internet technologies increased business opportunities which increased international traveling rate.
  • The busy life of people demanded them to travel by air to save time as, by the end of 2015, there were not much difference between air and luxury train fares.
  • The technology and development in terms of airlines, airport services, navigation of airplanes, booking system, etc. brought 360-degree changes.
  • The trust on the airlines helped them to increase traffic and the private airlines became more famous.
  • An internet-based computerized was adopted instead of the old travel agent system. The websites like Trip Reserver, Kayak, Trip Advisor replaced the flight booking system.

In 2017

With growth, challenges come and same is the case with the air travel. Today the airlines are surrounded by the controversies and facing major challenges such as automatic internet-based booking system, the merger of big airlines, busy routes, lack of infrastructure and planes and above all, varying flight booking prices, etc.

It is a great fortune that despite so many challenges, distrust and discomfort, most of the airlines are running profitable services with a greater margin of profit every year. The customer’s expectation has become big whereas the airlines find to cross the threshold of implementing changes in services. After every 6 months, the major airlines revive their rates.


Air travel has obviously changed tremendously in just the last three decades. With the rate that technology currently changes, who knows what the future will hold! Looking at this scenario we are coming with a website very soon to provide services of the cheap flight booking on national and international routes. We are truly inspired by seeing the growth of other websites and airlines. We are coming soon with a big bang, till then get tuned with us to know us more closely through our blogs.

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