Figure out the Airlines Mistake and Get Cheap Flights

It is a rare and a God gifted lucky chance if you manage to point out the mistake of an airline company especially on flight. Airline industry is one of the most sorted out and known for its well managed activities.

If you are able to point out any of their mistake then ponder it and let them know about it. You may get an offer of getting a cheap flight ticket for your next trip. It will be like getting an extra fry with your order.

As the airlines are occupied always and relying on other resources like website booking, there are chances of discrepancies which as a user, might be beneficial for you .

Trip Reserver, an upcoming travel website has taken an initiative to list down some of the common errors which occur during the flight booking process.

Missing or Numeric Errors

Airlines are normally caught with the pricing and printing mistakes. Here’s some pretty epic ones:

Instead of — $1,500 USD printed value on ticket: $15,000 USD. And cause is wrong data entry.

Return — $300 USD. A mistake when converting the price between currencies.

return — $7 USD. A computer error that calculated wrong value.

Mistake fares and Causes

Flight mistake fares, otherwise known as error fares or airline price glitches, are a HUGELY reduced flight ticket due to a mistake. There is a good scope of mistakes due to impatience and lack of sincerity or sometimes ignorance.

Human error

Laziness, fatigue, or a case of stubby fingers and a small keyboard can cause numbers to be omitted or added in error when entering a flight price, resulting in a seriously reduced ticket.

Currency conversion mishaps

Calculating a rate from one currency to another poses a big risk for miscalculations. A famous example is a $4,000 United Airlines ticket that was listed for just $79 — allegedly due to a mishap when converting the Danish Kroner to the British Pound.

Omitting fuel surcharges & fees

Fuel surcharges were first created in the 70’s during the oil crisis to accommodate fluctuating prices. Since then, they are included partly to prevent frequent flyer programs from allowing people to book 100% free tickets using miles. Every now and then though, these charges may be dropped by mistake. Fuel surcharges increase the cost of airline ticket by unexpected amount,

It’s too darn hard to find and correct every error

Statistically speaking, error fares are inevitable. With the increasing number of flights and archaic flight booking systems, mistakes will happen and they will be overlooked. It is far too time-consuming and costly for airlines to continually figure out and correct every single price mishap.

How can I find mistake fares?

The simplest, easiest approach is to get on to an expert. Secret Flying is arguably the best resource out there for worldwide flight pricing errors. Each day they scrape up current mistake fares, and are prompt with updating when tickets sell out or become defunct.


In the end, the experts of Trip Reserver suggest to take extra precautions while booking the ticket. If it’s a mistake at the airlines part, you get discount as a reward on the next flight but it can be vice- versa. You might have to pay back a heavy amount if you commit an error during flight booking such as wrong amount entry, date of travel mistake and so on.