How Do Online Travel Agents Earn Money from Flight Ticket Booking

From the last decade, the travel industry especially airlines have undergone various up and downs, achievements, setbacks & victories. We have a better understanding of travel industry as a profitable business. Believing is the significance of “service” in this industry, Trip Reserver, to be coming travel website believes in the same methodology and have an earnest desire to start a travel business.

The way travel business is getting reformed with advancements in technology, it is crossing leaps and bounds. Till the internet became a common media, the travel agents had their physical setup but with the passage of time and the availability of Best B2B Portal for Travel Agents, you can easily start travel business online. It is important to take the Online Travel Portal Consultancy services in order to get the best sites. The internet services offer many options for the travel agency to start their business. You can earn from cheap flight ticket booking, providing holiday packages and providing tours for various untouched exotic destinations.

Plane Ticket Portal 
The travel agents get handsome money from the clients they are serving for a long time and also from the travel vendors from the market. The proportion of money earned depends on various factors like the type of travel package they have handled, the type of client they are serving and also the level of expertise they are offering to the clients. The online portal help you get some of the cheap deals and at the same time earn excellent money.

Profits to Travel Agents
Most of the travel agents earn money from the commissions they receive from the clients and travel agents. The commissions are generally a very small amount of the revenue received. The airlines also provide a certain amount of commission in order to increase their traffic thus providing the agent with a huge amount of business. The tour operators, hotels and cruise operators pay commissions for bookings.

Fees for Flight Ticket Booking
Another way of earning is to take the fees for flight ticket bookings. The travel agents tie up with airlines directly and they are paid fees according to the volume of bookings done by them. The airlines may pay you a flat fee or it may change according to the itinerary of the bookings.

Elite Services 
The travel agents get VIP services like group ticketing, corporate ticketing etc. In the case of the corporate travel agency, they provide customized services to their clients and thus earn commission from the clients.

The online ticket booking process is tricky. A smart travel has realized it. either they directly contact online travel websites or they keep themselves updated with the airlines directly. Some of the websites like Trip Reserver are coming up with the online air ticket booking system which will be working like travel agents but free of cost.

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