How much Advance Booking required to be Done for Tension Free Journey?

One question keeps bothering every traveler that when is the appropriate time to book their travel ticket to get the cheap and best air ticket price. There is no fixed answer to this question. However, a deep research has brought to fore a few time-tested methods which might enable you to get the best deals on the next air ticket.

I am continuously following the travel experts to learn flight booking traits. Many researchers believe that air tickets must be booked from 6 to 24 weeks before the departure. A known fact in flight booking is that we can’t guarantee that towards the reaching day of the travel, the booking fares will be high or low.

We travel for different purposes like business trips, family trips, shopping trips, official trips, etc. The art of booking cheap flight tickets lies in cracking a deal which is balanced in terms of choice of airlines and other affecting factors. Also, international booking is different from domestic bookings.

The fluctuation is much in the case of the domestic market and on the regular international busy route. One of the solutions to stay tension free is that once you book your ticket that is all and about and never look for the ticket rates. Other ways are to sign up for eAlerts or SMS alert offered by almost every travel site like Trip Reserver and Skyscanner offering cheap air tickets.

It is a season that during the festival seasons like Christmas and New Year and other events, the travel charges may touch sky high prices and traveling during that duration might be very expensive You might have to book flights at very high ticket prices if you have not booked well in advance.

The best practice in the case of events and festivals is to book as early as possible. The platinum rule to get the best deal is:

“Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute.”

Well, just reminding you some key points to consider and remember before booking cheap flight.

  • Use Graphs to see actual position of airline bookings
  • Configure email notifications with concerned airlines
  • Manually plot the route
  • Skip Major Airlines to book, Budget Airlines
  • Use Social Media for Last-Minute Steals
  • Bargain with Airlines

After You’ve Bought Your Ticket, Track Your Ticket for a Refund

Once you have booked your tickets. Don’t sit ideally. The air prices keep varying and sometimes you can find unexpected variation in prices. Some airlines will refund or credit you the difference if the price drops. Flight-monitoring website like Trip Reserver keeps an eye on price drops and send alerts if the price falls below. The airlines cancel tickets before 24 hrs. of the journey after charging 10% of the amount. If the variation is much and availability in another flight or with some other lines is more then only we must cancel the ticket. The researchers have seen that many travelers land up having no tickets after cancellation.


Online flight booking and travel is a great business which is generating revenue on unimaginable margins. We must carefully and wisely take decision while booking online plane tickets, Also, we must check other travel related issues like security, comfort, facilities on boarding, etc.