Myths About Booking a Cheap Flight

Trip Reserver
Feb 27, 2017 · 3 min read

For long distance travel, we prefer air travel. In fact, that’s the most comfortable and easiest way to travel. As number of air travelers are increasing, many international airlines are coming up. Many websites like Skyscanner, Trip Advisor, and Trip Reserver have come up to provide information on flights. At the same time, many other internet resources, create a hype on booking procedure, varying flight rates, availability of tickets, etc. which might confuse a traveler.

For many, air traveling and booking online tickets have become a matter of discussion. In this post, we are mentioning some of the myths regarding air travel:

No Magic Hour for Best Prices

Airfares can change minute-by-minute and day-by-day. The prices vary according to availability and cancellation. This is true that cancellations are closed before 24hrs. of travel date. So, if we check before 24 hours, we may find cheap flight tickets but it’s not any magic hour. Sometimes airlines close down booking online and tickets against cancellation are available only on counters at the airports.

Fares Are Lowest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

While it’s true that if you fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday you’ll get the lowest fares, but it’s false that cheap flight booking can be done only on these two days.

Last-Minute Fares Are Always More Expensive

That’s usually true but not always. Sometimes last minute booking can bring a huge profit. We must track the deal at the right time. The alerts by websites are the best resources to crack such deals.

All Airlines Match Each Other’s Sale Fares

Simply not true. Often, The airfare for different airlines is different. The airfares for international flights have big differences.

Airline Mergers Mean There Are No Fare Wars Anymore

The airfare war is an old trend. Sometimes, to a particularly busy route, some airlines provide cheapest flights. It can be during festivals or some special event happening at the destination place.

Travel Agents Are Useless for Finding Low Fares

Travel agents have tricks to buy cheap flight tickets at the rate which automated websites can never think of. The travel agents have their own ways to break the journey and make you travel at cheap prices.

You Have to Buy a Round-Trip Fare to Get the Best Deals

That used to be true, but no longer. Many airlines now sell one-way fares for exactly half of the lowest round-trip fare.

Clearing Your Browser’s Cookies Results in Lower Fares

This is purely a myth. It never happens so.

There Are Still Discounted Fares for Senior Citizens and Children

These days the discounts are so less that you don’t care about it anymore.

Check Only Once

No booking engine always has the best deals. Everything required is to check again and again for a decent price to book the ticket. Sometimes you need to have the patience to get a suitable price. Those who are not regular travelers may lose their patience and end up buying costly tickets within a short duration.

Booking Direct with Airline Websites Always Gets You the Best Fares

All the airlines are well aligned with the websites. So, it is a myth which we must not consider. The online booking is the cheapest and best method to book air tickets but vigilance is required.

Smaller Airports Are More Expensive to Fly from Than Large Ones

Sometimes, it’s true. Large airports have wider options which result in cheaper fares. At the same time, small airports may book the ticket for a costlier price as options might be less. But many times, this is not true. So, it’s better to check airport fares of different cities or at least nearby cities before booking a ticket.


As air traveling is best means to travel, cheap flight booking is also an art which we must learn. The websites like Trip Reserver help us in booking process but we must be regularly update ourselves to get the cheapest fares.

Trip Reserver

Trip Reserver is an upcoming travel related website for flight booking at low fares.

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