Stress-Free Low Fare Air Travel Tips

To ensure a streamlined cheap air ticket booking, the team of Trip Reserver offers some tips to the travelers for becoming a winner in grabbing opportunities of cheap travel booking.

Plan ahead

Many travelers keep sharing their experiences regarding the things which we need to carry and the things which we must avoid taking in traveling. But the best way is to prepare a list of items which you want to take during traveling. Once you have packed the things then recheck if you have forgotten something important. Once you have packed, then make sure that you reach early at the airport because sometimes parking, heavy traffic, bad weather and time of day also matter. By arriving early, you can be relaxed from the last-minute hassles which might upset you. Take these precautions especially when traveling with family. These small issues may spoil your enthusiasm to go for a holiday. It is advisable after reaching to the airport that you must confirm with the boarding passes and check with your airline or airport for estimates wait times at the security checkpoints. If checking bags, you may need to arrive earlier.

Organize your Identification

Due to the security checking at the airports, you have to go through the procedure of security checking. For that, you need to provide government-issued photo identification at various checkpoints throughout the airport. In addition, you are required to provide proof of travel, including a boarding pass, or printed confirmation of an e-ticket. Keep all of these items organized and quickly accessible. Recheck all the mentioned documents and keep them together and handy with you.

Pack Smart

As per the transport authority rules, there is a limitation on carrying baggage to one bag plus one personal purse or travel bag. Many airlines have luggage charges for more than one bag. Compress your clothes and pack them nicely to fit into small space and occupy the most of the space. A nicely packed bag can be easily pass through security checks quickly and easily. The see-through mesh side panels allow for quick identification of the contents. Because garments are neatly folded and secured, putting items back into your luggage after passing through security is a snap.

Plan for Accessories

Liquids, gels, and perfumes that you want to carry on the plane must be in three-ounce or smaller containers and in a one-quart, zip-top bag. However, few items like shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, etc. are to be carried in leakproof bottles to prevent spills.

Safety First

In response to the stricter screening of checked bags at airports, the TSA may ask you to unlock your bags. It is a common practice. You may pack your luggage in such a way so that repacking does not consume time and it’s hassle free.

Don’t Wrap Gifts

If you’re traveling to visit friends and family and want to bring gifts, don’t wrap the items before your trip, they may be unwrapped at an airport for security check. Instead, wrap presents after you arrive or pack a gift wrapper and take along.


A stress-free family or individual trip remains as a sweet memory for a long time and you always feel good when you think of it whereas you would never like to talk about a bad experience.

The Team of Trip Reserver, which is a shortly coming website for cheap travel booking and for providing travel related information, is making all its efforts so that it can add sweet memories in your travel basket. Till we are live, stay connected!