This Summer, Follow the Tips for Healthy Green Travel with Cheap Flight Bookings

If you’re a health-conscious traveler, you think of all the ways your business trip or vacation will impact your physical and mental wellbeing. You probably know how to avoid extra calories of food during traveling, stay fit while you travel, and plan for sickness and medical emergencies when away from home.

You should also think about your impact on the environment when you travel. It not only benefits the planet but many of the same things you do to reduce your carbon footprint and to keep you healthy. Trip Reserver is an upcoming website continuously researching on various aspects of air travel. In this post, Trip Reserver is discussing few tips that will help you go green and stay healthy at the same time.

Rethink Your Transportation Options

If you’re traveling internationally, there’s not much you can to avoid flying in a plane. Just keep in mind that airplanes are one of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. If you have to fly, choose a normal seat to reduce your carbon footprint since first-class seats take up more space than normal.

Once you’re at your destination, consider how you will travel locally. If possible, do your sight-seeing on foot or travel by bicycle to lower your environmental impact and get some much-needed exercise. If you have to use a vehicle to get somewhere, buses and trains are the eco-friendly options than the taxi or private cars.

Eat Organic and Sustainably

When choosing meals while away from home, your best bet is to seek out options that are organic and sustainable, which means they have a lower impact on the environment and pollution levels during production. In general, they’ll also be healthier options since they’re not farmed using a lot of chemicals and pesticides.

A few tips to keep in mind that will make it easier to eat this way:

• Eat local, seasonal fruits and vegetables since they have traveled the shortest distance to your plate.

• Reduce your consumption of meats and dairy, since they take a lot of resources to produce.

• If you do eat meat and dairy, look for options that are grass-fed.

• If you like to have the seafood then ensure that it is fresh and doesn’t have any harmful effect on your health.

Keep Track of Your Packaging

Instead of buying snacks in the airport and bottles of water when you’re exploring a new city, bring reusable containers. A small Tupperware container for your tasty treats will help you reduce waste, save money — and it fits easily in your backpack or carries on. Assuming you’re going to a place where drinking the water is okay, a reusable water bottle reduces waste too, with the added health benefit of helping to keep you hydrated since it’s instantly available.

If you must buy something that’s prepackaged, make sure you recycle as much as possible.

Unplug Your Phone — and Your Brain

Since you are on a vacation and exploring a new place away from home So, for the environment and the future generation, let your phone, iPad, and other electronic gadgets also go on vacation. In a case of emergency, operate your phone on texting mode. Totally avoid using for social media and entertainment purpose. This way you can reduce the energy consumption and lower your environmental impact. Also, it gives you a nice little mental health break so you can recharge your own batteries and return from your trip refreshed and healthier.


Since we are aware that air pollution increases the carbon dioxide on Earth and responsible for bringing so many environmental changes. We must adopt a healthier way of living and always think of solutions which can be a value add to maintain a green environment. Trip Reserver’s team would appreciate even you small efforts to adopt the healthier living.