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How do you advertise your business?

How do you advertise your business? Today, business owners face a host of challenges when they think about marketing. The question itself presents many possibilities, it has many interpretations. Let’s start with what advertising is. Advertising is both an art form and a science — a way of presenting your products and services to prospective customers. It is the storefront of your brand and the way your customers will remember who you are.

The most common way people will hear about your business is through word of mouth. Word of mouth is when one of your customers tells their friends about your company. Typically, when you share something with your friends, it is not a detailed well-thought explanation with a fine list of all your pricing options, competitors, market analysis, and a slideshow with embarrassing photos of your coworkers. It is typically one or two sentences about the most meaningful products your company offers.

What do people talk about?

People talk about things that are on opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. They will tell all their friends if something is of great quality, a 1000$ tuxedo they bought in Milan, a new app that solves most of their problems, or a joke that is so funny they will not stop laughing. People also remember the bad experiences. They seek friends for comfort and to alert them if something is a scam, should not be bought, and is just outright terrible.

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What do people remember?

People remember just a few things about your company. If you are lucky they will remember the name of your company, what your company sells, how good or bad customer support was, what the price was, and if it has a major impression, your logo and slogan. People also remember bad reviews by other customers. Consider registering for review websites like Yelp, which will also help spread the word.

Other types of free marketing

Other than word of mouth you do have several free marketing options at your disposal. Your social media accounts should be your first go-to. What is on your social media and what does it say about your company? When was the last time you posted and if you were in the shoes of your customers, would you be following your company on social media?

There are many social networks out there today and you might need to leverage multiple. The largest social network is Facebook, it has more than 2 billion users, and allows you to create your own pages for your company. After Facebook, you have YouTube, which is focused primarily on videos. Engaging, thorough, and well-thought-out video content works best on YouTube. For videos that are shorter, you can also use TikTok. For images, using Instagram is recommended.

Depending on your country, you may also want to register for local forums and online communities in your niche. You need to find where your customers are, and that is where you need to be.

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive

Advertising companies always want you to believe that advertising costs a fine fortune. At Tripetta for Business, we can deliver great results at an affordable price, because we know that is all you will accept. Learn more about our offers:

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Paid marketing

Today, paid marketing is largely divided into two categories, digital marketing and physical marketing. Digital is everything that is online, advertising on news websites, social networks, blogs, travel websites, and others. Physical marketing is advertising in the physical realm. Buying ads in physical newspapers, paying for tickets to conferences, and purchasing billboards.

Advertising online

Advertising online is difficult. Business owners often make the mistake of thinking that money will solve all of their problems. If I could just have a one hundred million dollar budget, then all my digital marketing problems would be solved. In fact this once happened to Coca Cola in the disaster known as ‘New Cola’. Coca Cola completely rebranded in 1985 and spent millions of dollars promoting the ‘New Coke’. Although advertisements were all over, this resulted in a decrease in sales. Customers hated the new redesign and stopped buying Coca Cola, a testament to the fact that spending millions on advertising will not necessarily lead to an increase in sales.

So does advertising have no impact at all?
Of course not. Advertising does have a major impact on your brand and should be regarded and celebrated for this. However, advertising only matters when it is done correctly, and this is where marketing meets intent.

About intent

Intent is when customers want to buy something. If you are watching content that is relevant to your product, the customer may buy the product. But if you are randomly scrolling through Facebook posts from your friends, and you see an ad for a dishwasher, this is invasive to your experience and you feel that your privacy is intruded.

Tripetta for Business, our advertising program, was built to address this issue for businesses. The advertising program allows companies to display ads on any page of our website, and is set up so that the ads are as relevant to the content as possible.

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