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What if Greenland was a part of Norway?

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Greenland, today a part of Denmark, does have deep ties with Norway. First of all, from a geographic perspective, Greenland is closer to Norway than it is Denmark. And as Denmark and Norway used to be one country, there are also deep historical ties between the two.

Denmark’s maritime claims to Greenland extend three nautical miles off of Greenland’s coasts, and this is important to discuss. The Arctic claims of Denmark intercept with those of Russia which extend up to the North Pole, and already tense relations between Norway and Russia would grow tenser.

Aside from politics, Greenlandic (although it comes in several dialects) would become Norway’s third most spoken language after Norwegian and English. We decided to exclude the different written languages of Norway, and only include languages that are spoken instead of languages that are written.

If Greenland becomes a part of Norway, then Norway would gain access to an estimated 110 barrels of oil. Instead of Danish, Norwegian would be taught in Greenland’s schools.

Already in sharp decline, the population growth rate of Norway would shrink significantly since Greenlanders are actively leaving their island. I was about to say small, but then I remembered that Greenland is the largest island in the world. If Denmark lost Greenland’s 57,000 people, its population growth rate would also shrink.

Greenland’s economy is largely dependant on shrimp and fish exports, and the island has high unemployment. This would significantly weaken Norway’s low unemployment.

Since maintaining Greenland would become very expensive, Norway may choose to go through with selling Greenland to the United States for one billion dollars. To be honest, I think an island like Greenland is worth way more than 1 billion dollars.

Either way, Denmark doesn’t seem to be giving away Greenland to Norway anytime soon, but it is fun to think about what could be, anyway.




Tripetta Norway will cover Norwegian history, culture, and current events in the English language.

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