How to save 30% on your next holiday!

Your shampoo starts from the manufacturing plant to Cash n Carry to Distributor to Retailer and everyone in the chain makes money. Surprisingly, your holiday booking works the same way as well.

At Tripigator, we envision to make the whole holiday experience “the best”. We relentlessly work to solve this puzzle and set the bar high. After cracking the personalised holiday planning piece, you (our users) kicked us for not helping on the booking front.

We took it seriously and started getting our hands dirty. Right price discovery being one of the major issues, we started to figure out the best way to find the lowest price for you. And we found, Holidays work similar to Shampoo (or any other FMCG product). We know this is weird, but keep on reading…

Your shampoo starts from a manufacturing plant to Cash n Carry to Distributor to Retailer and everyone in the chain makes money. Surprisingly, your holidays booking works the same way as well.

Wholesaler — Distributor — Retailer — You

Holidays Supply Chain

Unlike Shampoo, there is no physical movement of the goods in travel (it’s just booking vouchers). Then why does this network exist in the age of the internet, you would ask. It used to be very difficult to distribute holidays back in ’80s and ’90s. The wholesalers tried to reach the distributors in the hubs/metro cities and depended on them to distribute it to local travel agent. With technology moving forward, the legacy distribution just adds on cost without any real value-add. This is full of inefficiencies not in just terms of pricing but also in distributing the choices, customisation and payment.

The wholesalers have strong understanding of the destination and amazing array of offerings in destination, and yet, it becomes very difficult to distribute those products because of this inefficient chain and offline network.

How we work, is by onboarding these wholesalers and loading them with some kick-ass technology, thus bringing all the possibilities to you at a very efficient price. These wholesalers compete on our platform, so effectively that you save even more (overall, you save upto 40% on market price).! Now everything becomes hassle free.

Efficient and transparent way to book holidays

With Tripigator, you’ll never have to ask “Aur kam hoga!”. Try us for your next holidays, you would not regret it.

PS: Now, you are probably wondering why OTAs aren’t cheaper. They aren’t cheaper because they work on a merchant model and pre-inventory purchase, which makes them even costlier than offline agents out there. We told you, the travel supply chain is more complex than you think. If you want to know more about this, write to mukul at tripigator dot com

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