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The Exotic Travel Fever 2016

2015 was a great year for Tripigator!
We started off with a vision to make holidays more personal, fun and hassle-free. By the end of 2015, we reached a milestone of 1.5 million travellers, planned more than 250,000 holidays, opened 10+ international markets, and grew from a four member team to a 30 people strong start-up. Nothing could be more satisfying for us than to see our dream coming true!

2015 in numbers

1.5 Million Travellers

250k+ Holidays Planned

10+ International Markets

So, we thought of celebrating this achievement and starting 2016 on a high note by bringing our users even more value on holidays. That’s why we worked with our wholesalers in the past month to bring you “The Exotic Travel Fever”. During this campaign you would get a significant and honest discount for personalised holidays to these six destinations — Andaman & Nicobar, Bali, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Maldives and Mauritius. I hope you’ll enjoy — our Travel Fever. I know, there must be thousand questions on your mind about it. Find answers to a few of them here.

We are expecting a huge rush during the fever. We would be camped in our office throughout the campaign to make it smoother.

It has been a crazy month for us. A few of us even skipped our holiday plans for the new year. Here are a couple of the pictures of our team working late nights around 3am. We are loving every bit of it. You would definitely enjoy the Fever! :)

Karteek, Piyush, Chitresh in some serious discussion about the prices at 1:47 am
Everyone after high tea at 4:30 am. Crazy Energy.

Everyone is too busy to share the pics with me. I will upload as I get more….

Ok got some more…

Some office cricket!
Finally the great morning sky from our office window!
32 hrs straight | Lucky Ali on Bose | Energy still high | Some serious quality checks
Manohar on much needed nap!
The fever is in the air!
Tough Hour: Things going 180 degrees. AWS playing devil.
Piyush finally takes a nap after 62hrs!
Hard work paid off: Celebration at 7 am.
Rajat + Bose + Early Morning Sunrays and smile continues :)
Loved the travellers repsonse, final ETF booking happened at 12:47 am on 21st.
Finally some ice-cream to celebrate the 138% success. :)



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