5 Points to Consider While Booking Major League Baseball Package

If you are planning for an exciting baseball adventure, entertainment trip this year, this article is for you. The below sections and subsections offer plenty information about the best way to book a Major League Baseball package in addition to explaining why the popularity of baseball tours is catching pace with every passing year.

Why baseball tours are a thing?

Baseball is an exciting, fast-paced game that, if said is the soul of all other sporting events, would not be an overstatement. Major League Baseball is a professional and the oldest baseball organization in the United States and Canada. There are two leagues — American League and National League — fifteen players on each side.

Here are few fun facts that are no less than an evidence why professional baseball, especially MLB has such a huge fan following –

The history of baseball in the United States goes back to 1791, when an ordinance was passed banning the game within a periphery of 80 yards from town meeting house in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Well, it was not the beginning of professional baseball.

For a long period of time, the British thought that baseball originated from a British game called Rounders. But, many baseball experts and fan do not believe in that theory.

· The professional baseball came into picture in 1870s, when the National Association of Professional Baseball Players was founded.

· The popularity of professional baseball gained momentum in the decades of 1920s and 30s.

· The first World Series (1903) was an action-packed gaming battle between Pittsburg and Boston. Boston won the title.

· The record of most title wins is with New York Yankees (27 titles).

· No woman has ever played in the MLB, however, MLB has women fans in equal number.

· Fenway Park is the oldest baseball park, which is still in use.

· New York Yankees were the first to have numbers on their jerseys.

· The longest game ( 8 hours and 6 minutes) in MLB was played between Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers.

One of the most genuine reason why MLB is so popular is — we get to see the best of players during the matches. The team playing on its home ground has the support from its viewers. But, when a visiting team gives a tough competition to the home team, the match turns even more exciting, and that’s when the sportsmanship of the players is praised and appraised.

5 Points to Consider While Booking MLB Tour Package

Find a trusted travel agency. You would never want to miss out anything important, would you? So, have the specialists do this for you. Hire a dependable travel agency that carries accreditations from renowned authorities such as Airlines Reporting Corporation, etc.

Make sure your travel agency provides MLB tours. The first thing to notice in a travel agency is whether they will offer MLB baseball tour 2017.

Visit their website to learn how they work. Before booking the package, it would be wise to visit the travel agent’s website and about page. Doing so will give a good idea about how your tour is going to be.

See if they have custom tour package options. Typically, every travel agency has its own packages to offer. Pre-defined packages might not be a perfect fit for every traveler. So, you should ask them if they can custom plan your package.

Experience. Last but definitely not the least important factor to evaluate in a travel agency is their experience. See how long they have been operator MLB tours.

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