The 2017 Triple Strange Safety Program

Safety… although it’s easy to leave it as an afterthought, taking the time to create a basic plan for safety will lead to fewer accidents, less time spent arguing with the event Safety team = more time spent working on the robot!

Did I mention that there are three ways you can be recognized for safety? At the individual level, the Star of the Day Award; at the team level, the Safety Award and the FIRST in Pit Safety plaque! And cool awards from other teams!

This year, our team did a major revamp of our safety program, including a brand-new Safety Program Manual and a binder containing our program manual, the 2017 FIRST Safety Manual, and the SDSs for all of our chemical items (more than you might think — lithium grease, batteries, WD-40, and more!). You can check it out at the link below, and you’re welcome to use parts of it in your team’s program!

We also decided to nominate a year-long safety captain who would be responsible for keeping work areas safe throughout the year, not just while wearing the button at a FIRST event. Likewise, we will be delegating an Acting Safety Captain whenever we are working, not just in the pits.

Although it’s definitely taken a lot of effort to keep thing clean and organized, and to take the time to get the right tools for the job, being able to turn around in the pit and find tools quickly has been well worth it.

You can check out a copy of our Safety Program Manual here (CC-BY-SA 4.0).

Our 2017 Safety Mission and Pledge

And the cool award we got from Team #5518, the TechnoWolves:

Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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