Intern stories — part II

At Triple, we have high ambitions and therefore we are always in need of talented people to help us make our dreams come true. The past five months, eleven interns worked on realizing their dreams of the digital landscape.

Marketers, designers and developers; some wrote a great graduation research and thesis, developed an amazing product and others developed new skills. In the second blog of the intern stories blog series, Sam, Anna, Tim, and Lloyd share their stories.

Sam, UX Design intern

I’ve had a wonderful and very educational experience as an intern at Triple. My graduation assignment focussed on User Experience design. During my internship, I researched whether I can relieve the cognitive ability by replacing texting with voice messaging. With the product that I created, named Wrabble, you can easily exchange voice messages with your friends. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have not yet managed yet to offer this in a successful way. Desk research concluded that Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple are fighting for the voice domain and that voice will lead the future. It was very interesting to create a design that was focussed on this current trend.

Triple offers a work environment in which I can explore, make mistakes and create opportunities. A perfect example of this is the Max Verstappen helmet. When I heard that we could make a plan for his 2017 helmet, I was incredibly enthusiastic right away. For most companies, this project is assigned to ‘seniors’, but at Triple, interns get the opportunity to work on exciting projects like this one.

Triple offers a work environment in which I can explore, make mistakes and create opportunities.

A few weeks ago, I graduated at Communication and Multimedia Design and Triple offered me a full-time job as a UX designer. I’m incredibly excited to stay at the company and to keep on doing cool projects. Finally, I would like to thank everyone for the support and help offered to me.

Anna, Marketing and Communications intern

I wrote my graduation thesis for Triple in the period of February till June 2017. While most of the other graduate interns spent approximately 40 hours a week on their research, I decided to work four days a week within the company, to gain more experience. At the time, my University was not very happy with this choice because they were afraid that, because of the lack of time, I would not graduate.

So during these five months I became a full member of the marketing team, and, among many other things, I was responsible for social media, blogs, social media campaigns, and news on the website.

The other three days of the week were scheduled for my thesis, in which I researched how Triple should adjust the current content strategy of Facebook and Instagram to strengthen their employer brand and to promote recruitment. Afterwards, (just like I expected) this combination proved to be a good choice. All of the information and conclusions I obtained from my research could immediately be applied and shared with my recruitment marketing colleagues.

Marketing interns Chenyi (left) and Anna (right) working on a project

The culture at Triple is something that, after five months, still amazes me. The fact that you, as an employee, get the freedom to develop yourself on a personal level, and get the opportunity to set up your own projects is in my opinion very unique. Besides that, I was treated like a true employee and therefore never felt as “just an intern”.

Finally, the combination of fun, creativity, and inspiration within Triple is something that many companies can learn a lot from. Meanwhile, my title has been changed from ‘marketing intern’ to ‘marketing manager’.

Tim, Unity intern

My name is Tim Bajmat and during the period of February until July 2017, I was an intern at the Unity Team. During my internship, I worked on various Beyond Sports (daughter company of Triple) products and several other small projects.

In these past months, I have learned a lot from the Unity team and got to know a lot of new people. I’ve had many great moments with my team and other Triple employees, but what I liked the most is the way the interns were treated within the company. Every intern is able to show his or her talents and is treated the same way as employees who have years of experience. Also, the lunch breaks were a lot of fun. During these breaks, it was possible to play FIFA, table tennis or to do other fun activities.

During these months my knowledge about Unity has grown. Compared to six months ago, I am better in programming. Besides that, I was able to improve my social life. The culture and atmosphere that lives in the company made it possible for me to get to know people just like me, people who are less open to other people in a familiar environment.

During these months my knowledge about Unity has grown.

I’m very happy about my internship at Triple. Although my level of education was lower than expected, they still gave me the opportunity to prove that I would grow with my professional and social skills. I hope I will see my Triple colleagues again soon, and maybe come back to the Unity team when I’m finished with school.

Lloyd, iOS developer intern

Hi there! My name is Lloyd and I have completed my Bachelor in Media Technology at the Rotterdam University (no, not a Feyenoord fan) at Triple. “Rotterdam? Why did you do your internship at Triple”, I get this question quite a lot, so I will make that clear right away. During the search for a suitable company for my graduate research, Triple quickly emerged. Due to the quality of the products such as the My Vodafone and Radio538 app, I was convinced that Triple would support me well technically during the graduation process.

The subject of the graduation research also covered similar themes as the My Vodafone and Radio538 app; connectivity, music, and events. My graduation research concerned a mobile app named Scooby. With Scooby, users are able to find their friends and to stay in contact with them without needing access to the internet, for example during a festival with bad internet connection.

The viability of the product was a big challenge for me. For this, I have involved various target groups (people who go to festivals and organizers) during the development process. Together with the target groups, I have developed a product that fits their needs. At Triple, I gained the skills I needed to complete this project.

Due to the accompaniment, input, and connections at Triple I successfully completed my graduation project. During the first week of July, I defended my research and finished my bachelor’s degree with a beautiful eight as my final grade. Finally, I joined the Triple “Force” as an iOS developer. The following months, I will work on developing more fun and innovative projects.

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