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TripMode 3.1 Release Notes

Added macOS Monterey compatibility, window resizing, and much more in this release.

The new TripMode 3.1 popover can now be resized for more convenience

Let’s get right into it:

New and modified

  • Added macOS Monterey compatibility: Includes many UI refinements and app grouping improvements.
  • Added vertical resizing: Make your window taller, perfect to monitor even more apps all at once. This was a much requested feature, that that come in handy if you want to keep TripMode open on the side of your screen while you work. You’ll get to see all your network activity in real time.
  • Completely reworked popover look and feel: The TripMode popover now takes cues from the modern style of macOS Big Sur and Monterey, is detachable / re-attachable, its position, size and attachment state are saved between launches for more convenience.
  • Improved apps coalescing: with better XPC services hierarchy detection, matching closely what you will see in Activity Monitor.
  • Added automated license activation for scripted deployments, based on defaults key entries. This works with licensed-based TripMode purchases done via our website. To use that, simply set the following commands (without the brackets), e.g. via a script running as the target user:

defaults write ch.tripmode.TripMode LicenseEmail <>

defaults write ch.tripmode.TripMode LicenseCode <license code>

  • Made the advanced uninstallation process easier, with a new Network Extension GUI uninstall dialog.


  • Improved the upgrade process to avoid requiring user intervention during the Network Extension upgrade
  • Fixed missing checkboxes glitches in the main UI and in the Profile preferences
  • Fixed a rare case where incorrect application states were applied when using multiple profiles
  • The profile metering usage bar appears in all cases as soon as the limit is active
  • Fixed a case where a corrupted session end (in case of UI crash / kill) could no be cleared from the history database
  • Fixed a data history aggregation issue that could arise from a daylight saving time or a timezone change

If you like TripMode and the new updates that we’re introducing, please take a minute and leave us a review on the Mac App Store. If you need help or have improvement suggestions, reach out to our Customer Service team.

How do I get the update?

  • If you downloaded TripMode from our website, you should get prompted to get the update shortly. To check manually, simply go to the About screen and check for updates.
  • If you have Setapp, the update should be pushed to you automatically.
  • The Mac App Store version should be updated automatically as well. If you have automatic updates turned off, simply go to the Mac App Store and check the Updates section.

Important note: Make sure to update macOS to the latest version to ensure that TripMode filters all traffic. Apple fixed a major bug that was present in macOS versions older than 11.2, where the traffic of many Apple apps was hidden from apps like TripMode.




TripMode is small Mac app that will help you easily stop background apps and updates from draining your Internet speed or data plan. Save money, browse faster, with TripMode.

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