Introducing Expense Management on Slack — Track Receipts with Trippeo’s Slack Bot

The Bot Don’t Stop: Trippeo and Slack Integration

Being a Slacker is a good thing. The communication tool has captured the minds and hearts of companies big and small with its fun and easy-to-use interface. We use it here at Trippeo, and it saves our lives on the daily. And that got us thinking: why not leverage Slack to help out with your expense management?

Bots! Of course. So we built a Slack bot! When you connect Trippeo to your Slack, you get your own little Trippeo bot that is ready to collect your receipts, OCR them and upload them right to your ReceiptKeep. And just like that, your receipts are accounted for, your expenses documented and ready to be reimbursed. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Here’s how you get started — visit Slack Bot admin page: and create a new Bot. We like to call ours the “Trippy-Bot”. You can call yours anything you wish:

Next — grab the API token Slack generates for you:

Next, sign in to your Trippeo Dashboard and go to Integrations. You’ll see the option to enter Slack’s API token:

And that’s it! You now have your very own receipt tracking Slack Bot. All you got to do now is just drag and drop receipts to your Slack Bot and Trippeo will take care of the rest. Watch the magic happen:

Every receipt you upload to Slack will show up in your ReceiptKeep view on both Trippeo web and iOS. We will also OCR it and map it to a credit card or bank transactions so you don’t have to do it manually. We hope you like it!

This article originally appeared on our official blog.

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