It’s finally here: Trippeo Flights

Fly like an eagle, to your sales meeting.

There’s a reason every major deity is pictured in the sky. Soaring amongst the clouds is basically synonymous with being powerful, cool, and important. So it just makes sense that Trippeo has taken flight, and cast themselves out into the wild blue.

Poetry aside? We’ve launched Flights. Coach through business class, international and domestic, special discounts, company policy control: it’s all here, and it’s ready to make your business travel better. We know that when your team can book their flights on the same platform they manage their expenses on, money doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. And paid employees are happy ones.

The very best part? We’re keeping our pricing at $5 / user, per month. Yeah.

Upon logging into your Trippeo account, you simply need to click on the new Plane. The flights page boasts a brand-new design and UI… one that you’ll notice across the rest of the app in the coming weeks.

Our designers and devs worked hard to make the flight booking process a total breeze. Policy settings allows administrators to set controls around cost of flight, booking personnel, and destination. And those control? They’re easily adjustable by named-administrators. That means that employees are free to organize and update their own itineraries.

Within the dashboard, Flights are organized according to preferences outlined by company policy: if your company loves Delta more than anything, you can make sure that your employees can only book with them. Our partnership with Chicago-based Options travel lets Trippeo offer its users discounted rates not available anywhere else on the market. That means you get to where you need to go, faster, cheaper, and with way less headache. Maybe your boss will even reward your industrious hard work with a little more per-diem spend! No guarantees on that one.

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