Mixing business and personal credit… or not.

Trippeo has worked hard to make your expense management easy. But when you mix company money with your personal expenses, even the best design can get muddled. What’s why we here at Trippeo have built a little feature that lets you determine whether your individual cards are for Business or Personal use. What does it mean? Any charge rendered on a Business card won’t be able to be deleted from the Trippeo account. Charges rendered on your personal card are yours, and can be updated or deleted according to your preference. Here’s how it works:

Your admin will determine whether Personal cards are allowed on your company Trippeo account. If they are, great and read on! If not, all transactions will have incurred from a company credit card, and typically won’t be able to be deleted from the Trippeo interface.

If you are able to add Personal cards to your Trippeo account, you’ll be asked to determine whether the [card you are adding] is a Personal or Company card. Once your personal card is synced with your account, any transactions you make will be loaded into the Expenses section of Trippeo. So if you’ve made a purchase that you can expense on your personal card, no problem: it’s there waiting for you.

And did you know, Trippeo supports over 15,000 global banks and credit cards? So if you haven’t activated automatic credit card expense tracking to your Trippeo account yet, get started HERE.

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