10 Trippy Instagram Artists You Should Follow in 2020

Jacob Wilkins
Jan 13, 2020 · 3 min read
Artwork by cult.class on Instagram

If you’re a trippy art fanatic, then these are some must-follow Instagram artists you need to be following in 2020. Keep in mind, this is not a complete list, but it’s a good place to start!

1. @postwook

Natasha Chomko is the creative artist behind the contemporary surrealism art project POST WOOK. She sought a creative outlet while working in an office job — creating art was a means of a different and irrational visual perspective in a straight-and-narrow world.

2. @ditpict

Aditya Aryanto is a 23-year-old, self-taught digital artist from Indonesia. He photoshops animals to look weird and surreal. He is a fan of morphing animals into squares or circles, and giraffes and cats are his primary subjects.

3. @ronnaldong

Ronald Ong is a 20-year-old digital artist from Malaysia who creates fantastic scenes. He tells intriguing stories through his photo manipulations. His best works combine animals with inanimate objects, such as a fox and a loaf of bread or a duck and a banana. The seamless blending of these works earns him a spot on this list.

4. @morysetta

Morysetta, a digital artist/graphic designer, describes themself as a moon lover and an astronaut in one’s own thoughts. They enjoy exploring the human mind and social behavior. Their biggest satisfaction comes from being able to bring people’s ideas and concepts to “life” through their work.

5. @seamlessoo

I’ve been a fan of Seamlessoo from the beginning. They may be the most underrated artist on this list. They have a unique style that combines space and humans in colorful perfection. Their artwork is awe-inspiring and should be appreciated by every trippy art lover.

6. @slimesunday

Mike Parisella creates trippy, outlandish digital visuals into an alternate reality. He describes his aesthetic as a lack of consistency, constant evolving, and weird sauce. He uses techniques like pixel sorting and data bending to build textures and create his overall unique and sexual style.

7. @cajucart

Cajucart is a Brazilian artist, based in Brasilia. They’re interested in the contrast of landscape, its colors, imaginative skies, and outer worlds. Their art raises distinct realities inspired by nature and establishes a truly unique and beautiful style.

8. @mr.babies

Mr.babies defines himself as a “psychedelic analog collage artist” because his works start from a vintage base and then develop into something new through digital collage. His nostalgic and slightly crazy style has inspired many Instagram artists today.

9. @cult.class

Caitlyn Grabenstein is a collage artist, sketch artist, and designer out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She used to work in the music industry creating concert posters when she fell in love with making collages. Caitlyn now runs her own design business, CLG Design Co.

10. @marianopeccinetti

Mariano Peccinetti is a collage artist from Argentina. With his work, he aims to create “a portal to another dimension where we can go and get lost in our more expansive to enjoy a world that spreads between thick clouds of ambiguity.”

I hope this list has helped you discover some amazing artists to follow this year! If you’d like to discover more artists like this follow my Instagram @trippyart.official where I share trippy pieces of art daily! Share on Facebook.


Here at Trippy Art Official our goal is to support and…

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Here at Trippy Art Official our goal is to support and advance the artwork of talented artists who explore the trippy realm.

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