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🎁 A present, a memory, a channel for future direct bookings

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See this NFT on OpenSea (NFT created by SurfTranquille)

Article updated on August 5th 2021
All NFTs have been sold.

The Trips Complimentary NFT

NFTs can be a great way to create a direct contact with your guests and add a powerful tool to your direct bookings arsenal.

When you give an NFT, you receive something back: a wallet address.
It may seem nothing, but it’s actually very valuable because it is like an email address with a transparent IBAN account attached to it.

By spreading NFTs around we are creating a new land, opposed to the closed OTAs (*) gardens, on which all of us can finally transact directly.

* OTAs = Online Travel Agencies like Booking or Airbnb

The process is pretty simple:

1) Buy a ready-made NFT from us.

We did it for you, so you can skip the video/image creation and the minting process.
We created a limited edition NFT series of 100 pieces.
You will be able to buy them for $1 each on OpenSea starting from the 1st of August 2021.

If you are on the Eth network, you’ll also need some ETH to pay for the gas to send them to your guests.
They can be purchased on Binance or Ramp Network.

Note: there’s only 100 pieces of this NFT (50 on ETH Mainnet and 50 on Polygon/Matic).
Once they are sold out, the only way to acquire them is from someone else on the open market, presumably at a higher price.


  • Contact your past guests. It doesn’t matter whether they booked directly or via an OTA.
  • Tell them, “I have a present for you: an NFT to commemorate your stay
  • They say, “OK, what is it?
  • It’s this video
  • “How do I get it?”
  • “You just need to send me a wallet address

Here you’ll get two kinds of replies.
a) The minority will have a wallet and share the address with you.
b) The majority will say they don’t have one.
Let’s see the latter:

  • “Uh? What is a wallet address?”
  • “Here you are the instructions to get one in 5 minutes:
    You can also ask someone who knows a bit about crypto to help you.
    There is no hurry, you have a year from today to claim it.”
  • “Does it cost money to claim?”
  • “No, it’s free. I pay the gas fees.”
  • “Does it have any value?”
  • “Yes, I had to buy it. It may acquire more value in the future, too”.
  • “How?”
  • “Because you have this NFT, you may get some gifts from me, or others, in the future. Also, it may acquire historical value since it’s one of the first in the world”
  • “Ok, nice, I’ll send you the wallet”.


Now you have the wallet of your guest.
You go to OpenSea, connect your wallet and transfer it to them.

They can now keep it, transfer it, or even sell it on the market.


Is this just a solution in search of a problem, or something really useful?
I think this is actually immediately useful and a great way to position yourself for what’s coming.

  • You made an original present to your guests. This is appreciable now. They’ll remember you every time someone mentions an NFT (“Hey, I got one!”). And believe me, NFTs will be mentioned A LOT in the coming years.
  • You have their wallet address, on which you’ll be able to do direct booking actions in the future (more on this below).
  • You contributed to the industry moving to web3 and direct bookings.

As wallets adoption grows, this preparation work will reveal itself as very precious for your business.

Let’s go a year or more forward in time and imagine this situation in 2022:

You have sent the NFT to 100 of your customers.
Other Hosts, and PMs, did the same and now there’s 10,000 NFTs around.

Our digital, web3, land is now 10,000 wallets strong.

What can we, as an industry, do with this?


In DeFi (Decentralized Finance) airdrops are one of the most valuable marketing tools. Projects use them all the time to reach out and involve users.

An airdrop is someone sending tokens to a curated list of wallet addresses, to raise awareness about the company and the token, and to share with them its success.

Here’s a few things you could do:

  • You can create your own token and airdrop it to your past guests, so they will remember you, be connected to your business and have a financial interest in seeing it grow.
  • You can also airdrop your token to all the other 9,900 Trips NFT holders. No need to pay Google or Facebook for targeted audiences anymore.
  • You can create some NFTs with images of your rentals, and airdrop those! They don’t need to have any monetary value, but they will still be appreciated. So you basically start quickly with this Trips NFT, then prepare your own, and send it to all of them.
  • Any company in the space can create a token and airdrop it to any NFT holder, including your guests, who will appreciate even more the NFT you gave them because now it attracts money.
  • Give discounts on NFTs: since the NFTs are valuable (they generate some income and attract airdrops), you may want to give some special discounts to the NFT holders, becoming a preferred venue for bookings.

And as adoption and use cases grow, the more NFTs you have distributed, the more possibilities you have.


August 5th 2021 Update:
All NFTs have been sold.

Sales start on the 1st of August, 2 PM CET.
For now, you can look at them here:

And also make an offer.

The Offers are coming in

Here’s how it works:

  • Offer $1 per piece, no more. Offers of more than $1 won’t be accepted (we don’t want the price to raise)
  • Use a stable coin like DAI so your $1 offer won’t become $0.8 or $1.2 in the meantime
  • You can make an offer for more than one piece (5, 10 or more)
  • We will accept the offers in chronological order: the first who offer will get them.
  • On the 1st of August before opening the sales we will accept the offers.
    Only what’s left will be available for sale.



They are ownership titles of digital asset.
In this case, the asset is the proof of having stayed at your place.
It’s like the souvenir you give them to take home, but signed by a notary, which certifies their ownership.

It can be later transferred to someone who wants to acquire the rights attached to the NFT.


Not anymore.
NFTs are growing in popularity, and this is the right moment to position yourself.
It’s very similar to growing a mailing list: it’s never too early to start, it takes time, and it’s incredibly effective in the long run.


Since the beginning of this year, we live in a multi-chain world, and you are probably not sure on which chain to buy the NFT.

Here’s how to choose:

If you are new to this and are just playing around for now, use the Polygon chain.

If you are experienced, think these NFTs may be very valuable in the future, use the Ethereum chain. It’s more costly, but it also gives you a harder asset with more potential upside.


Yes: all we need is the list of the guests you want to contact, and we’ll do this for you.
It will cost you based on the number of guests.
At the end you’ll have the list of addresses which got the NFT.
Contact us for a quote.


Sure. That’s even more powerful, as your guests will have an NFT with your name and image on it.
This makes the fidelisation process even more powerful.
We can create the NFT design based on the same template, or you can get one made by your designers, and we’ll mint the NFT for you.
It doesn’t need to be a video, it can be an image too.


We can create a token AND a pool which gives a market price to it.
So when you send it, you are giving away something of value.
Contact us for a quote.


August 5th 2021 Update:
Now the buyers will start contacting their past guests and offer the NFTs.
We are also organizing help for them.
Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading this.
We are here for you.

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