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Claim Your Trips

If you are a professional in the Travel industry, you can claim 100 free Trips.

Get 100 shiny digital Trips (no real physical tokens have been harmed in this movie)

The Trips tokens are a very efficient coordination mechanism amongst people in the Travel industry.
The more people have them, the more they are valuable.

I know it may be counterintuitive for some, but that’s how it is.

So, from today we will send 100 Trips to any travel professional who requires them.

You need to:

1) Fill in this quick form and add a “professional email address” (i.e. with a travel-related domain name) and an Ethereum address.

2) Send an email with subject “Faucet” to, this is to prove you control this email address.

That’s it. Within a few days, you’ll receive the 100 Trips.


(it’s super quick: just your email and address)


“What can I do with them?”
1. Hodl: keep them and if we all manage to make Trips a success they may increase in value. Getting these 100 means placing a bet on the first community based project in travel. For free.
2. Sell: you can sell them for xDAI (worth $1 each).
3. Vote: if you move them to mainnet you can use them to vote on governance (note: not worth with just 100 Trips, due to gas fees)

The Ethereum Address
Any Ethereum address is fine. They all start with 0x…
Ens domain names are fine too, e.g. TripsCommunity.eth.

We’ll send Trips on xDAI
We are not going to send Trips on the mainnet because gas fees could make this a very expensive operation.
Instead, you will receive them on the xDAI network.

The same ETH address is fine!
After that you can, if you wish, move them to the mainnet via a bridge, but keep in mind that this will cost you some ETH gas fees.
Anyway, There is no reason to move them to mainnet, as you can easily trade them on xDAI anyway.
The only advantage of having them in mainnet is that you can use them to vote on proposals.

How to check if you received them
Go to and insert your address.
You will see them like this:

You can also add them to your wallet with the address: 0x479e32cDFF5F216f93060700C711D1cC8E811a6B


(it’s super quick: just your email and address)

🕳️ 🐇 Get deeper down the Trips Community rabbit hole

Token: Dashboard | Check price on Coingecko
Buy on: Uniswap, Honeyswap or OTC

Talk to us on: Discord | Telegram | Twitter | YouTube



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