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[CROWDFUNDING] We have reached the Target of Private Sale Pledges: € 50,000!

A few days ago we reached the maximum target of € 50,000 for the Private Sale in Crowdfunding pledges.
Only in the last three days have we received pledges for € 14,000.

Now we have the basics to apply to the Crowdfunding platforms.
We are no longer just a small group of people with an idea but we have with us 88 small investors who are willing to put money on it.

This completely changes the perspective.

Tamara in Discord wrote “it’s a good feeling for us the ones who have been involved since the beginning, I can’t imagine how Luca feels right now! Let’s believe it, yes!”.

We were still at € 45,000 then and there were just two days left.
But it was not a good feeling.

When you create projects from nothing and these begin to take shape, you are in front of a soufflé that could deflate at any moment.
There are always a hundred reasons why it could deflate and one reason only for which it continues to grow.
Besides, it’s the first time you do it.

So the feeling looking at the pledges that grew faster and faster, was a slight satisfaction mixed with tension.

The slight satisfaction is similar to what you feel after crossing a hill.
For a moment you stop, breathe, smile and while you do it, your brain analyzes the image before you: the mountain.

You are still breathing hard, you cannot believe you have made it and here is the mountain which tells you unequivocally: “you haven’t seen anything yet …”.

And you realize that you have not arrived, that you can not even rest a moment because it’s getting dark and you have to find a shelter.

Of course, now the group is bigger, we are stronger than yesterday, but the challenge is enormous and we must continue to grow before we can only imagine facing that mountain.

So we need to consolidate: open the company dedicated to Trips, collect the 100k and move on.

And even then we will not have done anything yet.

It’s an incredibly hard job that you can only tackle if you have a very strong motivation behind it.

The Genesis Of My Motivation

In 1999 I was an Export Sales Manager who traveled the world for a company.
It was a good life, with hotels, exhibitions and lots of nice and bright people.
I made good money and was about to lay the foundations for a comfortable and safe life.

But I was selling pumps for aquariums and gardens.

My only role as a human being was to make people buy more pumps from us and less from the competition.
I got up every morning to slightly change the direction of a stream of pumps.
The workers and engineers in the company did something tangible (the pumps, in fact), I did not have that satisfaction.

For a while I had tried to ignore the feeling of uselessness but it had become a regular companion at 10 am, in front of the coffee machine.
I drank my macchiato, the caffeine went into my bloodstream and suddenly I perceived the enormous possibilities that life offered me.
In addition to the salary, I needed a motivation, strong and all-encompassing.
I needed, and I still have, to do something unique.
The company I was working for could not give me this kind of motivation.

So I quit my job and set out to travel.
I kind of knew I would find something to do from the road.
My motivation became to find a way to work online and travel full time.
It was then that I created my small Airbnb before Airbnb (also called “the badly done Airbnb, from the guy who traveled around the world and could not care less to create a corporation as he was perfectly happy.”)

Thinking back to what we are doing together today with Trips I recall this story and realize that creating an alternative to OTAs is only the end goal.
But along the way we are doing something much bigger.

Here are two of these things (and I can guarantee you that we will find others in the path):

1. We are creating a 21st Century Company

In the words of Brian Chesky, founder of Airbnb:
Airbnb believes that twenty-first century companies are most successful when the interests of all stakeholders are aligned. For sharing economy companies like Airbnb, this includes our employees and investors, but also the hosts who use our marketplace.

The big difference compared to Airbnb (apart from the fact that we are nothing and they are giants) is that for them this change is extremely difficult, if not impossible.
We have hard-coded the alignment of interests in our specs.

In other words, our journey has a value beyond the objective.
We are a laboratory and being a part of it means preparing for the next twenty years.
Not only in the home sharing, but in general.

When I presented Trips to the Department of Management of Turin, an associate professor told me that they realize that they teach the dynamics and techniques of companies of the past and that listening to experiences like ours is very precious for them.
That they invited me to come back.

So Trips is also an educational opportunity.
I keep saying this from the beginning: do not enter Trips with the hope of jumping on board the next Airbnb, but do it because it is the best way to acquire valuable knowledge.
In particular for young people, which is why I am very happy to present Trips to the Universities.

2. We are offering a work alternative

Today the choices are between:

1. Work for a large company, earn well, and usually witness the slow and daily evaporation of your soul. Enter as a person, exit as a number (this is a bit extreme, I admit it, but I’m writing online and it helps painting with some extra color).
2. Set up your own business and take on a whole series of risks and problems. That’s honestly not for everyone.
3. Work for a small company or a startup: often the best compromise for those who want to work hard but not crazy enough to be entrepreneurs.

The alternative Trips (and in general open blockchain projects) offers is to be part of a reality as big as a corporation (because we aim to grow very large) but work as a freelancer, and therefore with a direct correlation between value, risk and results.
In practice it is a bit like being an Host in Airbnb and getting Airbnb shares you can sell on the market from the beginning.
And also help Airbnb handle some aspects, such as disputes.

We are not yet a real alternative of course, but that’s our direction.


If you have not joined the Private Sale, you are still in time to do it with the Public.

The sooner you sign up the sooner you will be notified of the opening of the Crowdfunding and the more chances you will have to invest in time.

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who pledged!


Trips: Official Website|Trips: the White Paper|Trips: Instagram | Trips: Twitter|Trips: Telegram



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