How to set up a wallet for Trips

Learn how to set up the MetaMask wallet on your browser and manage the Trips tokens on xDai blockchain

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MetaMask is a crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps. It is trusted by over 1 million users worldwide.

You can create multiple accounts, each with their own addresses on the blockchain.

You have full control over access to your accounts and most importantly; you own your crypto assets. Only you have the seed phrase and private keys to your wallet.

With control comes responsibility. It is extremely important that you securely backup the seed phrase for your MetaMask wallet as no one can help you recover access to it. Losing the access phrase/key means you will lose all the crypto stored in it, forever!

It is available for desktop browsers, iOS and Android. The app versions have a built-in browser for seamless interactions with MetaMask wallet.

Having used the iOS app version, I have experienced a few issues, specific to the app version only. This gives the impression that the app is not as robust as the desktop version.

Desktop Browser Installation

Go to the official MetaMask website to download the browser extension. At the time of writing this article, the supported browsers are:

Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge.

Follow the steps to add the MetaMask extension to your browser.

After installation, you will be asked to either Import wallet or Create a Wallet. Choose whichever applies to you and set the password for access to your wallet via the MetaMask extension.

Follow the steps to back up your secret phrase and continue. Your wallet should now be ready to use.

You can get your wallet address from the MetaMask start screen. Clicking on it will copy the address to your clipboard memory.

Add XDAI Network Configuration

The xDai chain network is not included with MetaMask, so we need to add the network configuration for it.

Click on the new MetaMask extension icon in your browser and then on the Networks selection button.

Select Custom RPC and fill in the following settings…

If you have problems using the RPC URL above, you can substitute with one of the following:

Select Save and then press the 𝗫 button at the top to close the Networks screen. The new xDai network should be automatically selected. If not, select the xDai network from the Networks selection button.

Add TRIPS token to Wallet Assets

With MetaMask open at the start screen, at the bottom of the Assets list, click on the Add Token button.

Select the Custom Token tab and enter the following Token Contract Address


The Token Symbol and Precision should automatically fill out. Select Next and then Add Tokens.

If you have already sent Trips tokens to your wallet address, your token balance should be shown.

Click on the back button at the top left to go back to your account start screen.

The Trips token won’t have the official logo as the token does not exist in the default token list yet, but this is fine.

You are now all set up to send Trips and xDai to your wallet and view the token balances inside MetaMask.

You can buy xDai with fiat currency using payment methods such as card, bank account, Apple Pay, Google Pay (soon) through Ramp.

If you already have xDai in your wallet, you can buy Trips.

If you have both xDai and Trips, you can participate in the Liquidity Pool to take a cut of transaction fees when someone exchanges tokens on Honeyswap. As a liquidity provider, you could also gain extra rewards that the Trips community runs separately.

Getting involved with the Community Discord server

The Discord server has chat rooms where the community hangs out and gets involved with the Trips project ecosystem. There are also airdrops of free Trips tokens for community members. It is also a place to learn more about the project, so do come and get involved if you are interested.

If you are a member, remember to connect your wallet to your discord account. Doing so will assign any applicable HODL/LP roles for your discord account; each role having its own benefits and rewards.

To connect your wallet to your discord account, go to the Trips discord server and use the following command in the #🤖-bot-spam channel …


HODL — Hold On for Dear Life, meaning to hold onto your crypto and not be tempted to sell.

LP — Liquidity Pool / Liquidity Provider.

By Trung and the Community

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