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[PANEL] “The Booking Platforms of the Future”

Some major voices in the Vacation Rentals industry honored us with their thoughts

Web 1.0 was easy to read and hard to write.
Homeaway was the major player. It amounted to not much more than a listing site, leaving the transaction to the parties.

Web 2.0 is easy to read and write.
Airbnb started a revolution by making things easier. It completely owns the transaction and Hosts and PM have little control.

Web 3.0 will bring back power to the users.
They will own the account, the listings, the reviews and the transactions.
They will even own the platforms.

It’s time to start the transition to Web 3.0 but before we get technical we need to decide what we want to build.
Let’s start by getting the best minds in the industry around a single major question: HOW WOULD THE PERFECT BOOKING PLATFORM BE?

In this panel we talked with some major players in the Short Term Rentals industry: Matt Landau (VRMB), Vanessa Souza De Lage (Rentals United), Simon Lehman (AJL Consulting) and Richard Vaughton (Yes.Consulting)

Their collective expertise is astounding, and we were humbled to have them on board for this panel.

Here’s a short abstract of the panel:

A few points we touched:

  • Get marketing money or shut up.
  • We’re all tired of centralized data silos.
  • Cooperatives.

Cooperatives, mentioned by Matt Landau and Simon Lehmann are probably the single major takeaway of the panel.
Web3 seems particularly well suited to serve this model, and we will for sure explore them more in the coming months.

The main reason of these panels is to start an open discussion with the industry. Make sure to check the discussion which ensued after on Linkedin (where most of the VR industry people hang out).

Go to this Linkedin discussion

Check-out the full video:

Thank you for watching!
Check future panels here and past ones in Youtube.


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