The First NFT Hotel Booking in History Was Sold for 1 ETH (~$3200)

A big step for the buyer, a big step for hospitality

Luca De Giglio (Tripluca)


The image attached to the NFT

🎉 We have sold the first NFT Hotel booking in the world!
Now, if as we think, NFTs will become a cornerstone technology in travel, this is an historic event.

The transaction of the sale

The booking is for the Hotel Cà di Dio, a new 5 stars hotel in Venice, by Vretreats, which belongs to Alpitour, the biggest Italian tour operator, founded in 1947, a real household name in Italy.

Following our first NFT booking in the world with the Villa Natura in Ibiza, they asked us to help them.

There was not much time to organize as the Hotel is brand new, and we got the opening date on the last minute.
After a few discussions, we decided to launch an auction for the first night ever in the hotel.

The starting price was at $250 and after a few offers around that price, the buyer came in heavily and placed a 1 ETH offer (about $3200 at the time).

It turns out this buyer is the same who bought our first NFT ever, a commemorative piece, and to this day remains anonymous.

Overall, it’s a big success for us as we keep experimenting with NFTs.
It’s worth noting as a big publicly traded corporation cooperated with a DAO, probably not even realizing it.

This is another first for us.

The Press

The event got a decent amount of press, with this Skift article (and podcast mention) as probably the biggest one.
More recently, the “Italian Financial Times” IlSole24Ore mentioned Trips Community in this article.

Many articles did not mention Trips Community directly, something we will pay attention to next time.

What’s Next?

As with all the other experiments, we will try to learn from this experience and push the bar further.
We are open to cooperation with other high level hospitality players, so reach out to us if you need help!

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