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The Little Traveler

The first Profile Picture PFP NFT for the Travel Industry

In the night between the 8th and the 9th of February, we launched (1,2)the Little Traveler, a profile picture NFT for the travelers and the travel industry.

We have been working on it since last August, and we had so much fun in creating these characters that I didn’t want the creative process to end.

In this article, I will explain why this project makes sense, as I am assuming many readers will by default think it doesn’t.

First, What is it?

Yeah, what the hell is it? A sexy devil eating a hamburger on the beach? WTH?

It’s an NFT with a picture attached.

There, I said it, this is what my life has come to.

The NFT is a token which you own.
The picture is a young person (well, not always a person as we’ve got aliens, devils and more) taking a selfie, with a background, while traveling.

What is it for?

It creates a shared, open bridge between the travel industry and crypto/NFT friendly travelers.

The industry will be able to skip the mega platforms like Google and Facebook and interact directly with the guests.

Travelers will be able to signal things like:

  • I am a traveler / in the traveler industry.
  • I am in crypto
  • I love NFTs
  • I have money (look at my fat NFT collection or how many ETHs I own)
  • I love Spain (look at my NFTs, all about Spain)
  • Here’s my ETH address

… and so on.
This concept is explained more in depth in the Traveler Loot articles 1 and 2.

Why Are You Wasting Time On This Fringe Stuff?

Fringe? Did you really say fringe?
Twitter recently integrated this stuff and, mark my words: ALL MAJOR SOCIAL NETWORKS WILL SOON TOO.
It’s not fringe, Larry, it’s early.

It’s an Experiment

This is always a good answer to the skeptic’s take “this stuff is useless”: experimenting with new technologies is never useless.
We are learning.

The Pictures

The pictures were randomly assembled by a script starting from a few thousands different backgrounds, bodies, eyes, hair, hats, hands and so on.
We made 2,000 so far (out of a total of 10,000) uploaded them to IPFS and opened the minting.
In this one-minute video, you can see how the code creates the images.

You will see how the pieces are put together during the creation process

The Backgrounds

For the first time in the PFP NFT world, we used backgrounds of real places around the globe.
We selected about 2000 pictures with no copyright and paid “Anime Art Painter” Deep Learning service to transform them in anime.
There are 4 kinds of anime filters: Anime, Anime Filtered, Susai and Susai Filtered.


Some NFTs are common, some are very rare.
Each NFT has a different rarity:
E.g. Ninjas are going to be about 1% of the total, ≈ 100 out of 10,000.

There are about 5% white boys and girls, but you may still get a very rare white boy if, for instance, he holds a rare object in his hand.

The Minting

Minting means “write the NFT on the blockchain”.
It’s like a coffee machine, but the coffee is delivered randomly, so you don’t get to decide whether it’s a cappuccino or a short espresso.
You get what’s next in line.
Can you know what’s next in line in advance? Yes, you can, and some people will figure out quickly how to.
Crypto belongs to those who dig deeper, so allow me not to reveal everything in this article. The answer is out there, you just need to look for it.

Here’s where you mint your Little Traveler.

But what if you want a specific character or background?
Head on to OpenSea on Mainnet or Polygon and try buying one (the owner has to be willing to sell, so it’s not guaranteed that you can get it).


This is the most innovative aspect of the project.
The world is going multichain, so we decided to let the Little Traveler be a native multichain project.

  • 10,000 Little Travelers
  • 1,000 each chain
  • 10 blockchains
  • 1 address
So far we have launched on Ethereum and Polygon, both supported by OpenSea

Why? Well, the learning process will be fabulously enriching.
What better way to explore the uncharted lands of the multichain world than participating in its creation?

It also allows us to iterate on the Little Traveler itself: we can improve it.
We may decide to remove some elements, e.g. the Churro will only appear in the first two chains.

I didn’t say we will remove the churros, it’s just an example… jeez, relax!

Or we may decide to add some elements: we already have many ideas and more will come to mind in the future.

One thing we are already doing is removing some backgrounds, to increase the average picture quality.

We will also probably add more backgrounds and logos on badges.

You can add your logo here.

The Offers

Even if you don’t mint or buy one, you can participate in the project: 👉 fill in this form 👈 to make an offer for the NFT holders and attract this new demographic.


This project has been created by a DAO inside the TripsCommunity DAO.
To become part of it, 👉 read here👈.

The Derivatives

Do you want to launch your own PFP project?
We can help you build on a derivative.
Contact us.
Note, this is a paid service.


This is the start of a long journey.
We will help the travel industry transition to Web3, learn and grab the opportunities.

PFPs are a great entry point!

If your reaction is “Meh!”, this is for you, Larry

🕳️ 🐇 Get deeper down the Trips Community rabbit hole

The Token: Dashboard | Check price on Coingecko
Buy on: Uniswap, Honeyswap or OTC

Talk to us on: Discord | Telegram | Twitter | YouTube

Learn: 🎙 Podcast: Web3 in Travel



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