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The LP Gnosis Safe Elections

Making Trips more distributed and international

We are creating a new safe to keep part of the 🏦 Trips treasury.
This new safe will contain an amount of Trips which represents 10% of the liquidity available in the decentralized exchange 🐝 Honeyswap.

Here’s why and how we are doing this:

  • 💧 Liquidity Providers (LPs) are amongst the most important members of the Community.
  • They deserve to manage part of the Trips treasury in a completely independent manner.
  • The multisig owners need to be at least @100LP-trips LPs (meaning they are contributing to the token success) and be elected in a Snapshot vote.
  • 🗓️ The multisig owners need to have been in the server before the 1st of March 2021.
  • 🦸 They can be anonymous in terms of personal name/location but have to say who they are in Discord (nicknames are fine).
  • 6 signatures are needed to move funds (6 out of 9 safe).



10% of the Trips: 22.817 (total in pool is 228,117)
10% of xDAI: 1.281 (total in pool 12,813)

As the pool grows, the difference will be paid out by Trips Community (from the Trips Gnosis Main pool) as long as the community judges a good work 👍🏾 is being done.
So, this LP Gnosis Safe is subordinate to the main pool.

The funds in the safe are the budget to maintain and grow the pool.

They will also be used to fund the LP rewards distribution both on chain and in Discord, with ⚡T12⚡#0012 as the recipient of the funds (weekly or monthly).
The multi-sig owners may vote themselves some rewards for the work, in the way and modes they judge to be fit.

The decision-making process will be as follows:

  1. Discussion in Discord (temperature check).
  2. When some kind of consensus seems reached in Discord, a transaction is created by one of the multi-sig owners
  3. If 6 or more of them sign it, this is the official proof of consensus.

This is an important experiment with the aim to find ways to distribute ownership of the funds to the Community.
If successful we may create other safes with different responsibilities (marketing, design, develpment etc...).

We are basically building the DAO infrastructure for Trips which will allow scaling and adoption.


In the last couple of weeks, we let people submit their candidacy, and 15 people did so.

The elections are held as usual in ⚡ Snapshot where mainnet Trips token holders can vote in a gasless manner.

This time, we are testing Weighted Voting so you are not forced to choose one person only:

Spread your voting power amongst candidates


We are reporting here the submission, for ease of reading, in the order we received them.
I know personally exactly ONE of them, and this is a testament to the power of coordination and openness of crypto communities.

Here they are, with their cute Discord names:

Matems#7635: “I am an active member of the Trips Community, willing to invest in Trips in the future and contribute to the project as much as I can. I will not let the community down”.

Droftorces#2009: Interested in the project and trying to be as active as possible in the community, I put the rewards and personal investments back into the honey pool and I just participated in the two swapr trials, I would like to be part of this adventure and grow with you ;)

Vinsmoke 🚬| Behind#0084 : “I want to try to be more engage to the project.

II#7298: “I do not belong either to the core team or to the group of mods and helpers. I have my own point of view, independent of the opinion of the crowd. Available every day on discord.

Stuffi3000#2817: “I’m a very active person on Discord, I’ve been with the Trips community for a while and always reading up on what’s happening. I’m a crypto enthusiast, and I’m also certain that this world needs more decentralization. Trips is an insane project with a bright future.

@! Pecu#7941: “One of the oldest discord members, was very very active. Helps a lot, currently I’m building my life, but I still give time to discord and crypto world

GrowTye🌈 (They/Them)#1287: “would love to use my skills to grow the project, been hosting Jackbox streams for the community. I will vote on all transactions within 2 days max.

HotSalsa#7395:I’m following and supporting Trips since last summer, and I believe this community and especially Luca and the team could get the whole Travel-business upside-down and trigger a lot of development in this business.
I already was an active part of first safe.

WuTangDan#2842: “I will do what is right for the holders in this community, just trying to be involved

Inu#0069: “I am an active member of this community and would love to be a multisig owner. I believe it is very important for projects to be more decentralized, and I think this initiative is a step in the right direction.”

⚡T12⚡#0012: Long time supporter of the project, and you can depend on me. I’ve signed every tx from the first safe.

Snarienza#6701: “Been actively following the project since October 2020, and I think it has potential. I am somewhat invested in real estate and long term renting and can imagine myself being involved to a certain degree. Maybe I will be using the platform in the future, who knows :)

GioTrips#6001:long time active Trips Community supporter, amongst the first and currently major LP, crypto environment connoisseur and trader

Vennele#6102: “TRIPS was the first token in which I could be involved and learn about. I loved the idea because traveling it’s a dream to me. You have helped me to get involved in cryptocurrency with a warm welcome since day one. All I want to do is to help TRIPS and its community.

Zcq#8437:I want to help this project be successful and mission-focused because it is one of the few I’ve seen that has a real-world application (lets keep it that way). I have experience in hospitality and an early crypto adopter. I check discord every day.”

You can have them shake your hand and tell you why you should vote them in #💧丨liquidity-providers channel in Discord.


🕳️ 🐇 Get deeper down the Trips Community rabbit hole

The Token: Dashboard | Check price on Coingecko
Buy on: Uniswap, Honeyswap or OTC

Talk to us on: Discord | Telegram | Twitter | YouTube




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