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The Traveler Loot NFT (for Marketing)

A key to reveal the crypto-travel users

Let’s see the NFT Project (*) from the marketing point of view.

(*) The real name will be revealed on launch

”What Problem Does it Solve?”

This one:


That’s all.

The assumptions are:
(1) this is a growing demographic.
(2) Sooner or later, the majority of people will be online.
(3) moving fast could bring you competitive advantage.

The NFT project will be the easiest way for you to see and reach them.

👋 ”How Do I Reach Them?”

You just 👉 fill in this form 👈 to join.

💸 “How Much Does it Cost?”

It’s basically an open protocol.

It will just be there, and everyone will be able to use it.

💳 “Do I Need to Buy These NFTs?”

No need to buy them.
You can use them even if you don’t own any.

Oh, you can’t even buy them, by the way.
They are free + gas.

They are like an open list of people in crypto and travel who signal their preference by just holding the NFT.

If someone holds this NFT, you can safely assume that this person:

  • Knows about crypto.
  • Is actually pretty advanced in it.
  • Is not afraid to spend $50 or $100 minting one NFT.
  • Loves/works in travel.

This info is out there, feel free to use it.

“I like this. How Can I Bet on Its Success?”

Mint some NFTs.
If you get some NFTs, you will participate in the upside, in case the project is successful.
You only spend the gas to mint them, but could later sell them for some value.

This is particularly interesting if you are a big company, because your involvement will probably contribute to raise the price of the NFTs.
There are hundreds of millions of people who love to travel.
Most of them are going to have a wallet in the next few years.

Get some of them, help them grow and profit.
It’s basically like an early stage investment.

“Do I Need to Apply to Trips To Use it?”

No, we can’t even stop you from using it.

“When Are You Launching?”

Early 2022.

“I Know Nothing About Crypto And I Don’t Have Time To Learn”

No problem, just ➡️ fill in the form ⬅️

A word about the Matrix Memes

Web2 feels like a Matrix virtual world compared to Web3.
In Web2 we have been conditioned to give value to likes, heart, followers and shares, none of which we own.
We are literally used as batteries for the mega corporations' profits.

Web3 says: own money and stuff.

Like in the real world.

And, as in the Matrix, you realize this only after you get the red pill and go down the rabbit hole.

Hence, the Matrix memes.


Go to the Part 1️⃣: The NFT

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