The “NFT Web3 in Travel” Ticket for Barcelona

Luca De Giglio (Tripluca)
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5 min readJan 26, 2023


Attendees at the “Web3 in Travel Summit” in Barcelona, can buy the ticket with credits cards or with NFTs.


  • You mint the ticket as an NFT.
  • The NFT is text-based and dynamic (the text will change after you mint it)
  • Each NFT has unique text (ticket number, price paid, minting address)
  • The price grows on a bonding curve after purchases.
  • There is a self-sponsorhip-auction feature: buy the sponsorship and all tickets will be updated with your company’s name.
  • You check in at the conference with the NFT

Here’s how to buy the NFT ticket:


The minting process creates your unique NFT ticket.


The ticket will be a text-only SVG, which means it’s generated programmatically.

This is inspired by the Loot, the same system we used for The Traveler Loot.

It’s dynamic, and it holds your minting address, the price you paid and the type of ticket.


The price is on a Bonding Curve, which means it increases after every purchase.
It goes from 79 to 169 Matic (which are worth about 1$ each), increasing quickly at the beginning and slowing down later.

That means: buy early and buy cheap!

Note: Credit card tickets are initially $99 and then grow to $199 with time.


If you hold a Little Traveler on Polygon on the SAME ADDRESS you use for minting,
you will automatically get a 50%.


If you want, you can pay 20% extra (on top of the Standard price) and get an Airdrop Ticket.
After the conference, you will get airdropped tokens from Trips and other projects, which may even exceed the value you paid.
It’s a way for you to own a piece of the companies and projects presenting at the conference.

We don’t specify the exact amount and type of tokens, but we’ll make sure it was worth it.


If you can’t attend any more, head to OpenSea and sell it.

If you want to attend, but they have all been minted, check if there’s some on sale.

This opens the possibility to buy cheap tickets even if you don’t want to attend, but be careful as there is no guarantee anyone will buy it from you.


Sponsors can get a mention on the tickets by paying a Sponsorship fee.
Every ticket will have a row saying: “sponsored by: [ ]”.

🔥 Buy the Ticket Here! 🚀


We can change these things:

  • Date & Time
  • Address
  • Title and Subtitle
  • Treasures (who gets the money)
  • Sponsorship price
  • Sponsorship text (which we’ll use in case of abuse)

So, this is not your mystical, immutable NFTs.
It’s very much mutable, by us.

The point here is not to release a self-sustaining being in the wild.
It’s more like a self-service tool.
In what sense?

  • You buy your ticket directly, with no third parties involved. No banks, credit cards, ticketing software. It’s you and the internet meeting in a black alley and doing the deal (I still struggle finding the perfect metaphor for web3 dapps interactions).
  • You buy your sponsorship directly: no slides, agreements, no bank accounts, sending money, confirming receipt etc…just click and buy it.
    You also know what you get: exposure on the NFTs.

So, it’s like a ticket & sponsorship vending machine with no monkeys inside.

🔥 Buy the Ticket Here! 🚀


We don’t use the Ethereum blockchain because the gas fees are too high.
Last year we used the Gnosis Chain, which we love for its commitment to decentralization, but it has little liquidity.

This year we go mainstream with the WEF approved Polygon (I know, crazy, I just realized this recently, co-opting is really happening isn’it?).
Polygon has been used by Reddit, Instagram and others, and seems to be the mainstream chain of the future.

To be fair it’s often stuck and slow, but well, let’s see if going towards mainstream, makes a difference.

Next year I hope we can get a proper chain.

Where to get MATIC?

You can buy xDAI here with the credit card and have them in your wallet very quickly

🔥 Buy the Ticket Here! 🚀


Become an owner of the conference here!

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