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The Road Map for 2021 — Part 5

It’s a bit scary, yes, but beautiful


In a couple of months addressing the existing crypto space, we grew more than in three years addressing the travel space.

We were able to create a whole new vibrant section in English, while previously all was only in Italian.
Some people started helping immediately.
Two of them in particular #Vinsmoke and Bogdanoff#3303 (but don’t trust his name, he often changes it)
There was no need to explain to them how it works: you first help and conquer your position with facts, just like in open source development.
We are an open project, that’s how it should work.
They are both Mods now and are running Discord.
I never met them personally or even seen them in a call.
This is the ultimate merit based process: it’s not because I know you, someone recommended you, you are from the same country or else.

It’s not who you are: it’s what you do.
Only what you do.

You could be a single mother with two kids, a 75 years old grandma who loves Discord and lives on Dogecoin profits or a 16 years old who likes knitting and baking apple pies. Doesn’t matter.

“The knitting 16 years old”

Think of all the friction which has been removed from the “hiring” process compared to a classic corporation.

We are also attracting other people who are helping.
SurfTranquille#5721 has been creating amazing gifs and faheem5405#9457 some beautiful images.
Elartistazo#3137 took over the emoji department, something which did not even cross my mind before.
Pingu#7499 became very active on various fronts and showed a deep understanding of the projects (he made many people unhappy in the AMA competition).

I’m surely leaving many people out of the list, but the point is to highlight how precious the contribution of the new community members has been.
This proves that, as we grow, more and more people will join us in being productive.

The Italian historical community has been a bit taken aback from all this influx of people from all over the world, but they understand the value of it.
They have been active behind the scenes and keep giving great feedback.

So, it’s a no-brainer: we need to go deeper in the crypto community.


Before we can convince people that Trips is a project worth joining, we need their attention.
You can have the most compelling argument in the world, the best explains video or website but if people do not see them, they’re worthless.
How do you get people’s attention? It’s been captured by the big corporations, and both Facebook and Google are more than happy to sell it to you.
Startups often end up spending a big chunk of their money in renting that attention from FB and Google.
This is all easy money often raised from non-top tier VCs whose interests are not aligned with yours.

Add the fact that Facebook doesn’t even allow crypto ads, and you understand that we need to find alternatives.
Enter Airdrops.
Airdrops have proven to be a great way to attract that attention.
When you tell people “Hey, free money!”, you get attention, that’s a fact of life.
So, you attract them and while giving out free money you tell them about yourself.
Most of them won’t care, they’ll take the tokens and sell them.
These are the costs, same as the views on Facebook which do not bring clicks.
It’s fine.
At least they heard your name.
Some will keep some tokens, as you never know right? This could be the next Airbnb after all.
Small chance, great returns in case it happens, like Bitcoin in 2010.
Worth a try.
They’ll keep seeing Trips in their wallet for a few years and this is good exposure.
Some, a vast minority, see the potential and decide to help.
How many out of a 1000? Maybe 10.
These are the people who make the whole difference as often they are more insightful and forward-looking than all the others.
They are the ones which bring the real value.
With them, we can go far.
Now, if we attract 10.000 people, we’ll have 100 of them on board.
That’s how a community is built.
You reach as many people as possible but try to be welcoming to the few good ones.

Airdrops are the “free samples of soap at the supermarket” web3 version, but they are more powerful because they also increase distribution of the tokens which, contrary to the soap, are not consumed.
You may say “but in the big airdrops, we distributed other crypto mostly” but then you have to remember that we gave 50% extra in Trips to the donors so, we distributed more Trips than other crypto (in value).

Another important point is the vanity metrics.
People coming from outside are going to look at your numbers, be it Discord members or Twitter followers, and you need to have those in order, even if often they don’t mean much.
That’s something you can’t just ignore.

So, in 2021 we’ll continue with the airdrops, and we’ll try to improve on them, finding new ways to attract new people.
It’s been really easy with the crowd, and then it got harder.
Which means we got in early on this trend.
We went from 600 to 3700 Discord users in a couple of months and then slowed down.
Now we need ideas, see new trends elsewhere and jump in quickly.
That’s how you grow organically with no external funding.


If you’ve come here to read a clear, well-defined road map, you may be deceived.

We are still in a very fluid phase and rigidity can be deadly.
It’s easy to get stuck in a direction which brings nowhere.
We are travelling based on forecasts and guesses and all we have is a direction.
We know where we want to go but are flexible on how to get there as the ground under our feet constantly changes.

And every day we learn something new, go deeper and further from anyone else in travel.
Every day, we get closer to a real problem we can solve for the people on the surface.
We need to experiment, fail, learn and try something else.
Even stuff we can’t possibly conceive right now.

When finally the idea fits the needs, the tools are effective and the market is ready we’ll come out and with one single protocol we’ll take the sleepy travel world by storm.

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