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Sponsor our event in one minute with an onchain transaction

Luca De Giglio (Tripluca)
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Insert your company name in all NFT tickets with an onchain transaction. Welcome to Dynamic NFT Sponsorships!

Event Sponsorships in Web3 in Travel

At “Web3 in Travel”, we developed a new way to sponsor an event:

You can sponsor the event in less than 5 minutes.


In our sponsorship, you get your company name on all tickets, immediately.

Buy The Sponsorship

That’s how it starts, at the beginning you’ll see this in https://ticket.web3intravel.com/#Sponsorize:

Then you come in, buy the sponsorship for $500 (paid in xDAI).
Connect the wallet and Click on “Become Sponsor”:

Connect wallet and Click on “Become Sponsor”

Insert your text in the field:


Pay 500 xDAI ($500):

Done! You are the new sponsor! 🎉

ALL NFTs just got the “BANANA HOTELS text”.
That means: the old NFTs are updated, and the future ones will get the text too.

🦁 Life’s a Jungle

You thought that was it? So easy? Nope!
Now someone could come and decide that they want to pay more and get THEIR text in the Sponsorship.

They do the same steps, pay 20% more and kick you out.


But don’t worry: you get the $500 xDAI back, immediately, directly from the smart contract.
All the time your sponsor was up, is free advertisement!

You can then bid again and go back to being the sponsor.

The auction will end on 30/09/2022 at 23:59 UTC time.
Whoever is the sponsor at that time, will be the Sponsor until the end of time.

The NFTs, unlike ordinary conference tickets, will be onchain forever and maybe even become a global phenomenon, being the first of their kind (we like doing things for the first time, don’t we?).

The winner is forever

Buy the Sponsorhip Now! 🚀


  • So, why do the NFTs update? Aren’t they supposed to be immutable?

No, they are not. These are SVG (image based on text) NFTs.
They can be updated by the contract.

  • Can I get an Invoice?

The last buyer will be able to request an EU VAT invoice for the amount paid by writing here.

  • What blockchain is it on?

The Gnosis chain (former xDai).

  • Where do I get xDAI?

You can buy xDAI here with the credit card and have them in your wallet very quickly https://ramp.network/buy/

Or you can bridge some DAI to xDAI here https://bridge.gnosischain.com/
Lastly, you can bridge other cryptocurrencies here https://omni.gnosischain.com/bridge

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