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Your Own Background and Logo in the Little Traveler NFT

Be part of the first PFP project in Travel

Send us a picture, and we’ll add it to the backgrounds

30th of January Update: we integrated the logos. Some were too big or large to be visible on a badge, so we had to skip them

The Little Traveler is an open project.
Once minted, the NFTs are out of our control, and anyone in the travel industry can do whatever they want with them.

For instance, you could build Web3 Marketing campaigns on them.
I described the rationale here, for the Traveler Loot, but you can use the same for the Little Traveler (the ones in this page, still to launch).


The Traveler Loot (white text on black background) is free (+gas) but we will sell the Little Traveler (cute young anime travelers on picture backgrounds), for two reasons:

  • We want to raise some funds to promote it.
  • We want it to be multichain, and some chains have almost zero gas: if the NFTs are free, one person could mint them all.

The money will go in our Gnosis Safe, for the new DAO we will launch soon.
You will be able to be part of the DAO and thus own a piece of those earnings + voting power about what to do with them.

If you ever wondered what a DAO is and how it works, you’ll soon get the chance to be part of one.

To join the DAO, you will just need to buy a Traveler Founding Member NFT (not released yet).

This is of course optional, and the DAO is not launched yet, but this is to say that even the financial aspects of this project are open, and you can be part of it.


You can:

  • Own the NFTs by buying them.
  • Own the earnings by joining the DAO.

What more?

Here are two ideas:


You see that Bitcoin badge our Little Traveler is wearing?

Or the Ethereum logo on this Little Travelers’ shirt?

Look at this one now:

That’s a Boostly logo.
Mark sent it to us, and we added it, that’s it.

What about your logo? Sure, just send it to us!

Here’s the proposal:

Send your logo and the first 50 will be added for sure.

It’s free, and you have no obligation to mint/purchase anything.

One condition: the company behind the logo, it must be travel-related.

📝 Send us your logo and/or background using this Google Form.


The NFTs have photography backgrounds.
Most pictures are from professional photographers, but some of these pictures were provided by us.

This one is a house in Ubud, Bali where I lived a few months back in the day:

This one instead is from the Arena di Verona where once I saw an opera (I think Aida, I see Egyptian sculptures there):

See where I’m going? Send us some nice pictures of places close to your heart, some beautiful house you manage, the façade of lobby of your hotel, a gorgeous picture of where you live or the places you bring your guests to…anything.

It just has to be beautiful!

We will make the anime version of it and add it to the collection.

📝 Send us your logo and/or background using this Google Form.

IDEA 3: … ?

If anything comes to mind which can make this project more inclusive, let us know!
We’d really love to be able to make this a collective effort and share the success with all.


You need to know that while it’s easy to send the pictures/logos, it’s hard to get the NFT with them on it.

Because the NFT generation is random!

We don’t know how many out of the 10,000 NFTs will display your logo or backgrounds, nor who the character will be.
You won’t be able to mint the images with your logo/background, since it’s random, someone else probably will.

You are thus giving away your picture for free and contributing to the open Little Traveler project.
With the logo instead, the Little Traveler project will give you some free exposure.

The only way for you to get the NFT with your own logo/background is to purchase it later from anyone who got it when minting it.


We start with zero pictures, then we open minting and the first person will click on MINT.
In that instant the script will RANDOMLY generate the first NFT: we have no idea which background, logo, shape of the eyes, dress and so on, the character will have.

So, it may take MONTHS or even years before your logo or background shows up to the world.

The closest thing to minting is giving birth, except that when you have a child, the DNA variables are limited to those of the parents and family tree.
The Little Traveler has many more human (and non-human) characteristics, so the combinations are in the billions.

In other words: you throw your logo and/or background picture in the middle, and the universe will create a unique Little Traveler each time someone mints one.

Imagine the emotion when you will finally see your logo appear!


It’s an experiment, as everything we do: be part of it!

📝 Send us your logo and/or background using this Google Form.

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