How we got ourselves a brand logo and a new pet

A startup on its way to its own brand

Ideally, I would have liked to design everything perfectly from the beginning. In our newly founded company, tripsuit, all my design experience of the last years should be incorporated. Experience out of two foundations. Experience from innumerous projects for big companies. Yes, a brilliant brand, a new logo, only the best font, rousing colors. A great plan.

This was quite exactly one year ago. From this day, not really much changed in our outside image. Until today.

Plan? Which plan?

A flashback: In June 2014, tripsuit was born. It’s our second company, for both Alex and me. We want to revolutionize the travel industry. On our platform, all the offerings and information from the big players like Expedia or TripAdvisor should be presented and tailored just for you. We are the digital travel agent who knows you and can give you recommendations based on your interests.

In the first week after moving into our office in Cologne, I created the first interim version of our brand. Sure, the logo shouldn’t stay for very long, only to fill our first profile pictures on Facebook or Twitter. Of course, we would change the logo soon. We would do it right this time. We would pour all the ideas we had into this. A ingenious plan.

Today, we are close to the launch of our first version. After we presented the first impression of our digital travel agent, it’s now time to get started with the new brand image. Make the digital travel agent come alive and get rid of the old, interim design. Just like we planned it. Only one year later.

Our brand is born

What comes to your mind when you think about traveling? A beach? A sail boat and a cold beer? A hiking tour through the Alps? Surfing in Hawaii? The phenomenal bar over the roof tops of New York City?

Chances are good, none of those apply to you. Every human is an individual and has thus a different perception of a perfect trip. But one thing unites us all: We dream of discovering new places, making new friends, diving into foreign cultures and enjoying the time we spend when on vacation.

With tripsuit, we want be there for you at that very moment. To make those moments as inspiring as possible, but remain off stage, because these moments is all yours. It’s not about tripsuit here, it’s about your experiences, your pleasant anticipation, your journey, the diving into another world.

The best fit would be…

Flashback: First, our thoughts about a logo circled around a logo that — just like the product — is tailored to the user. A brand that can look differently for every user. An emotional connection. We had the idea of different colors in the logo, each selected by the user. At every website visit, the logo should be colored individually.

“You know what’s funny? A chameleon has all the characteristics of our brand. That fits pretty good!”

I think Alex said that during a longer car ride. He was right, “good idea”, I thought. Next to our third co-founder Zelda, a french bulldog, we would have a new animal living in our office, a chameleon. A terrific plan! But more about that later.

I present to you: Suity, the chameleon

From now on, tripsuit comes to live, personalized by Suity, our chameleon. Alex was right: A chameleon fits perfectly to what tripsuit is supposed to be. It assimilates with its environment. It changes its color and can adapt to the circumstances, merge with the surroundings.

The new logo of tripsuit, the digital travel agent.

In the main version, our logo will be red/orange. In connection with the hand-drawn style, we convey passion, anticipation, creativity and innovation. The chameleon has a friendly face expression, it always welcomes you and from every angle.

What we wanted to convey

Suity can and will adapt. Just like a real chameleon adapts to its environment, our logo will too. Maybe it will be possible to create your own Suity and to pick your own background. Airbnb followed a similar approach with the possibility to create your own logo.

It’s not a coincidence that Suity is always looking at you. Like the Mona Lisa, you can look into Suity’s eyes from every angle. A great way to put the user into the center of everything we do.

From now on, tripsuit stands for anticipation. For creative and colorful design, for individual, emotional and tailored communication. We want you to feel comfortable with us and to be able to get into your trip.

A chameleon in the office?!

“You’re not buying a chameleon, are you?” — No, we’re not. Those funny creatures with their even funnier feet feel much better in the wild. But we couldn’t let go of the idea of a new office roommate.

We could solve this problem very soon. We present: Suity, our mascot — a hand puppet:

Suity is born! Charlotte gave birth to our Suity in form of a hand puppet.

You see her with her creator, Charlotte. Soon, we will welcome Suity in our office. She is on her first big journey right now, to the wonderful Cologne. Soon we will be 5 (see also: What our first employee learned in his first startup).

A great plan

As you can see, we needed a bit longer to come up with the perfect solution. Today we are very proud of it and hope you can feel this enthusiasm. In your anticipation,you can sign in to our VIP list to be one of the first to experience Suity and tripsuit in action.

Of course, we want to hear your opinion on Suity, the chameleon. How do you like it? Where do you think it could go?

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