Adventures in Australia- Dos and Don’ts

What exactly is the “Land Down Under”? Are koalas as friendly as they seem? Does Australia really have as many frightening creatures as it’s known to have? This past week, I returned to Australia with my family, a group aged four to seventy nine, to refresh my memory. I planned my trip ahead of time by creating an itinerary of the must-see spots of Australia on TripVerse. Below are my recommendations, along with some tourist sights I wish I had skipped.

Day Trip

DO- Tangalooma Island Resort (Brisbane, Australia)

Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island is worth the 25 mile ferry ride off the coast of Brisbane for its activities like hand-feeding wild bottlenose dolphins in the crystal clear waters surrounding the island, riding down sand dunes, and going aboard an exhilarating toboggan on the desert safari. While the island is worth visiting, one day at Tangalooma Island is sufficient.

DON’T- Mount Buller Snow Activities (Melbourne, Australia)

There was nothing that stood out at Mount Buller that made it characteristically Australian.

Theme Parks

DO- Dreamworld (Brisbane, Australia)

Although the rides are not particularly noteworthy, Dreamworld has two of the main things I was looking forward to seeing in Australia— koalas and kangaroos. I had the opportunity to walk around with roaming kangaroos as they licked kangaroo food off the palm of my hand. Dreamworld also has a photo area where you can get your picture taken carrying a koala.

DON’T- Movie World (Brisbane, Australia)

The rides at Movie World were nothing out of the ordinary and lacked detail; there was not a single reference to Scooby Doo during the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster.


DO- Harvest Buffet The Star Hotel (Sydney, Australia)

Credit: The Star Hotel

This buffet has a large selection to choose from ranging from seafood to prime rib, to three chocolate fountains. While this restaurant is a popular tourist spot, the food is consistently high quality. If you’re still hungry after the buffet, the restaurant is connected to an upscale shopping centre replete with dessert options.

DON’T- Hardrock Cafe (Brisbane, Australia)

The food is average tasting with a basic selection that can be found anywhere.

Panoramic Views

DO- Sydney Harbor Cruises (Sydney, Australia)

The Sydney Harbor Cruise was relaxing, smooth, and scenic. My family photos of the trip with the most impressive backdrops were taken on this cruise.

DON’T- Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair (Sydney, Australia)

The chair that attracts tourists constantly is underwhelming because it looks less than ordinary. Although I wouldn’t come here to view the chair, this is a good place to have a peaceful picnic with views of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge. Of the cities I visited, Sydney was the most tourist friendly with the most sights to see, places to eat, and things to do (and inevitably comes with a handful of tourist traps).

I was able to avoid the traps and had the best experience out of my trip because I planned ahead. And TripVerse is the ideal tool to help with that.

Check out my Australian itinerary here to inspire your future trip to the Land Down Under:

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