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All of Our Tweets from SXSW in One Medium

Mar 24, 2015 · 2 min read

We had the opportunity to attend SXSW Interactive this year. Four of our own took on the task of capturing their own unique perspective on our agency twitter handle. The result?

It was a long weekend in Austin: new friends were made, we learned a few tricks, picked up some useful nuggets in our sessions and had some great conversations on tech and culture. We also managed to survive the chaos of walking streamers, thanks to Meerkat. “Yes, this was a genuine worry.”

Most importantly, we were inspired. Inspired to try new things and to keep doing what we love best, creating and crafting stories.

Day 1

We got some love back from Airbnb and Lyft!
Don’t judge the code names. All I can say is, we must have been hungry!
Apparently our hedgehog is famous! @pix3l.of.tris3ct
Never forget about the client and they’ll never forget about you.
Not an actual SXSW session. At least not this year.

Day 2

Attack of the Drones, by Trisect. Copyright pending
Staying up to date & utilizing new technologies. Live stream at the Meerkat Session!
Rohit Thawani — “Sex and porn are always the first innovators”
Front row for this session. Totally worth it.
Not sure if he knew he tweeted this.
Don’t let the glasses fool you. This guy gave an inspiring keynote. As far as -taco remembers?

Day 3

The future of VR within all industries. We can’t seem to stop thinking about this one.
Try asking Siri.
This one inspired us to conduct our own social experiment within the YikYak app. Results are promising-
— insert emoji clapping —
Content is bigger than consumption. Content is something of value to be remembered.
Great UX insights & presentation by Krystal Higgins — Google
— 13600 impressions — 484 engagements — 28 new followers —

Thanks David Waserman (DrPizza)
Mike Hirsh (Taco)
David Muñoz (Frijoles)
Dmytri Gouba (shake‘n’bake)

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    Trisect is now a part of MatchMG

    Trisect Agency

    Trisect Agency is now a part of MatchMG

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