Ballad of an Intern

John Griffin
Jul 30, 2015 · 3 min read

I’d like to take a moment of your time to dissect

the internship experience I’ve had at Trisect.

I was hired as an account intern on the team of mike’s,

the hard lemonade malternative that everybody likes.

Through countless meetings every day that never seemed to lack

I was soon immersed with knowledge and an urge to “come out back!”

I’ve also gained experience with lots of other brands.

As interns, Northwestern Mutual is where our project lands.

Encouraging millennials to prepare for the future

is the area of disconnect that we set out to suture.

My fellow intern friends are all extremely talented!

If you’d like to read their articles, I’ve linked them at the end.

I’ve heard them say it’s difficult to find a job you love.

If that’s the case, I can attest that there’s a God above.

Honestly, most days I would prefer my work to home.

When I walk into Trisect my mind is free to roam

on fantastical adventures full of creativity.

This is certainly, without a doubt, the place I’d rather be.

It blows my mind to think that our ten weeks are almost done.

I know I speak for all of us in saying we’ve had fun.

I realize that’s an understatement for which I have no word,

so I’ve composed a video that may appear absurd.

Though the dancing skills exhibited may not help me land a wife,

this footage illustrates the time I’ve had — the time of my life.

Videographer: Matt McMan

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Trisect is an Independent advertising agency with over 140 people across our two offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. Simply put, we are a change agency. As one of the country’s fastest growing independent shops, we help brands navigate a constantly changing marketplace, adapt and win. We listen harder. Collaborate better. And infuse business with exhilaration.

Trisect Agency

Trisect Agency is now a part of MatchMG

John Griffin

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I enjoy food as more than just sustinance.

Trisect Agency

Trisect Agency is now a part of MatchMG

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