KT Walker, Executive Producer with Jerry Rig Chicago, is much more than someone who makes commercials and sits behind a camera. She’s part matchmaker, magician, babysitter, budgetor, and creator — tasked with deciphering what’s in the creative’s head, what their vision is, and making that vision come to life. KT’s ability to create amazing content is not the only important aspect of her work. It’s her outlook on her work which reflects her own personal belief on how to be successful:

KT Walker

“This is advice that I give everyone. The only thing you can do throughout your career is be yourself. There are a lot of agencies, production companies and content creators vying for the work, but there is only one of you, nobody else like you exists.”

The world we live in is full of bright minds and innovative ideas, and sometimes it can be overwhelming when you are trying to produce creative and engaging content. But that didn’t hinder someone like KT from producing some 22 spots in 9 months.

Be You.

In an industry with such a vast talent pool, it’s easy for confidence to be shaken due to competition. Although you may not be chosen for a piece of work, KT reiterates the importance of having a positive mindset.

“Believe in your strengths.”

Stick to your values, have perseverance, and you play to your strengths, eventually you’ll win the projects that bring you true satisfaction and success; making it all worth every minute.

Be Unique.

To build those talents, KT Walker sees the personal aspects of an individual’s life contributing to their creative work. It’s all about finding the little things in your life that make you unique. The ones that enable you to create something different and capture the attention of a passive audience. KT was quick to identify what drives her inspiration:

“It’s my children. I love how kids use their imaginations. I love how their only job is just to play, to question things, and to not feel inhibited by society.”


According to KT, we can easily get bogged down in our projects and forget to pull from our own experiences. In a way, everyone in advertising is like a kid. We’re expected to come up with whacky ideas, break new territory, and be nimble in a fast-changing environment. Sometimes, letting loose with your silly side is all it takes to find the answer you seek.

Be Crazy.

KT has a tendency to take on projects that should otherwise be deemed impossible to create. Whether it involved traveling across the country to capture a photo series or throwing a massive party in New York with a well-known celebrity on a $5 budget, she knows what it takes to make something spectacular.

“Sometimes, the crazier and more undoable something is, the more fun it can be.”

It’s all about bringing those tangible experiences to your creative thinking. They bring grounding to lofty ideas and provide the spark to be different from what’s already out there. At the end of the day, you are your own person and no one can take that away from you.

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