Forget about the FAA for a second and let’s talk about drones.

Jun 10, 2015 · 3 min read

In the time you spend reading this, don’t expect to learn about drone regulations, safety needs or the FAA’s current status on commercializing drone technology.

Instead, just take a minute and think. Get an idea. Find a viewpoint — because in the blink of an eye what is now considered intrusive and frightening, will soon be understood and expected.

Whether it’s performing in runway shows or evaluating traffic flows, UAV(drone) technology is on the minds of individuals and businesses alike.

Here’s a few examples of how drone technology is no longer used as the team’s waterboy. Drones are now off the bench and in the game, ready to be taken seriously:

Real Estate

Halstead Property Aerial Video

Halstead Property Tri-State Real Estate Agency is testing aerial video as a marketing tool and it continues to be successful with high-end home buyers. But what about the smaller agencies and individuals? Selling homes takes much time and preparation for all parties involved: buyer, seller, and agent.

With unlimited tools to reach audiences of any kind, smaller real estate markets may find drone technology to prove itself as a cost-effective and time saving investment.

Extreme Sports- Film

Brain Farm Media

Brain Farm invested a quarter-million dollars into a project that they consider to have changed the game. They were able to rig a Ultra HD Phantom Flex 4K camera onto an Aerigon Drone System. They are leading the way for extreme sports media by combining a unique aerial perspective and 4k high-quality slo-motion video.

What happens when you combine the ultra-high-definition, ultra-slow-motion image of a Phantom Flex4k with the Aerial perspective of a specialty Heavy-Lift Aerigon Drone System? You change the game. — Brain Farm

News & Media

Television Stations don’t need helicopters.

In 2013, there was somewhere between 100 and 120 news helicopters in the sky, according to ENG helicopter vendors. The on-scene perspective provided by reporters in helicopters was alone in the marketplace, until now.

For TV stations, low-end helicopters used for traffic reporting cost an average of $185.10/hr, as stated by numerous U.S helicopter rental and leasing businesses, with an estimate yearly cost of roughly $420,000.

Drones with camera attachment capabilities cost roughly $1,500 for a top-of the-line model, such as the DJI Phantom 3 Series with 4k Resolution Video Camera.

In addition to the cost benefits, journalists would have the opportunity to acquire footage and information on specific assignments that would otherwise be too dangerous to get on-scene imagery.


University of California Davis puts drones on farms.

UAV’s on farms could provide anything from pesticide distribution to analysis of crop damage. Drones would be able to water entire fields, eliminating the large waste we acquire using traditional irrigation methods.

A perfect example currently in place in the U.S is the University of California Davis. They secured approval to test the RMAX for spraying Oakville, CA. vineyards.

The motorcycle-sized helicopter, which is commercially manufactured and extensively used over Japan’s rice fields, is being studied for potential agricultural uses in the United States.


BioCarbon Engineering

An estimated 26 million trees are cut down or burned each year. Approximately 15 billion of those are replanted. Utilizing drone technology, a company called BioCarbon Engineering based in Oxford, England has discovered a way to plant one billion trees per year through deforestation to help alleriate the damage to the environment.

BioCarbon Engineering and their plan to plant 1 billion trees a year.

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Trisect is now a part of MatchMG

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