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3 min readApr 4, 2022


We’re excited to announce that Trisolaris Dao has closed a strategic investment round led by Electric Capital, with participation from Jump Crypto, Dragonfly Capital, Leminscap, Ethereal Ventures, and a few strategic angels.


Trisolaris was the first DeFi project on NEAR’s Aurora engine. It started as a fair-launch decentralized exchange, run by a few part-time devs, and quickly grew to become the top dex in the NEAR ecosystem by TVL and volume.

The Near blockchain is all about speed and innovation, and now with the Aurora engine on top of it, we believe there is a fantastic opportunity for users tired of the high fees and long waiting times in mainnet Ethereum to have an almost identical trading experience on Near without any of the downsides.

The core benefits of Trisolaris are:

  1. Fraction of the cost of mainnet Ethereum, and (near) instant settlement of transactions with 1 second block times
  2. Best-in-class trading experience — Trisolaris seamlessly supports a Constant Product and StableSwap AMM, ensuring traders and liquidity providers get low slippage and high capital efficiency
  3. Focused support for NEAR & Aurora native assets. Trisolaris has the deepest liquidity for anyone who wants to trade NEAR!
  4. Same tooling used as native Ethereum such as Metamask, Wallet Connect, Etherscan, etc…, making the UX seamless
  5. Innovative tokenomics such as % of trading fees used to buy back TRI, and a revamped ve-token model coming soon

The Raise

To continue this growth and to keep innovating, we are partnering with some of the top firms in the space. These firms brings years of experience in DeFi and traditional markets, have deep relationships within the Near ecosystem and beyond, and can help us scale our team, products, and dao infrastructure.

With the capital at hand, Trisolaris’s main priority is to build a world-class team to continue investing in key product areas. Here’s what to expect in the coming weeks/months

  • Grow the newly launched Trisolaris Stableswap to $500M+ in liquidity
  • Revamp TRI Tokenomics(vexTRI soon)
  • Boost utility of the TRI token with integration into top ecosystem projects (Lending, Stablecoin, etc..)
  • Improve trading experience and infrastructure with better tooling & analytics
  • Launch new DeFi Primitives (we have some insane ideas brewing)
  • Launch Cross-Chain Swaps between NEAR & Aurora

If you’re a Dev, Product Manager, or BD Lead and want to join our rocket-ship, please say hi on discord and our mods will connect you with the right resources!

Thank you to the community for all your support, and we are excited to continue building a core pillar of the NEAR DeFi ecosystem!

About Trisolaris

Trisolaris is a community-owned decentralized exchange (DEX) with fast-settlement, low fees, and a democratic governance process. Built on NEAR’s Aurora EVM, TriSolaris is building the one-stop-shop for DeFi on NEAR!

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