A new start with news.

The Triton Engineering Student Council has a long and vibrant history at UC San Diego, and has always sought to provide value to the engineering community as a whole. As time goes on, this community evolves; with it, TESC also seeks to improve itself to meet the changing need.

Recently UCSD’s rankings (especially its engineering rankings) have skyrocketed. Many of our engineering majors are now impacted, and our CSE department is now the largest by volume in the nation. Because of this impacted status, many engineers-at-heart are finding themselves pursuing other majors not within the Jacobs School of Engineering. Such students find themselves in departments like Biology, Math, and Cognitive Science, or even pushing for the advent of new majors like Data Science.

So what audience are we serving? Are we serving them well?

In the midst of this changing landscape, TESC needs to reassess parts of its inner workings. Events like DECaF are simply becoming too crowded to meet the new demand, SD Hacks is still working to include the breadth of disciplines it desires, and many other events are in need of improvement. TESC’s member organizations are often struggling too, whether through students fighting policies to build 3D printed rockets, smaller groups looking for funding, or long-standing orgs looking to scale.

Problems are not always being addressed as they should, and this means coming at them with new perspectives and new ideas.

For this 2016–2017 academic year and beyond, TESC will be embracing some new changes, the first of which is coming with an early roll-out of our new website, and this corresponding “news” publication where we will be detailing our activity as an organization as it impacts both the engineering community, as well as UCSD as a whole.

It’s going to be a great year, and things are only getting started. Stay tuned for more!

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