Date Night 2017

A Valentine’s Charity Night


Students from all over UC San Diego came out to participate in our 7th annual Triton Engineering Student Council Date Night for charity. Participants got to start the night off with an appetizing meal from Don Carlos Tacos, along with drinks and romantic candies to set the mood for the night.

The event featured our wonderful participants auctioning themselves off on dates, services offered, and volunteering to be pied, with hilarious emceeing from TESC’s very own Yacoub. Some of the services offered ranged from helping one fix their car or bike, to personalized coaching to help with Computer Science job interviews. Some of the dates included walks in the City, paint balling, kayak tours, and fun brunches along the coast of La Jolla.

We donated $480 to Reality Changers, a charity making a difference in first generation college students by providing them with scholarships and other invaluable resources to help them get a jump start in college.


The event ran very smoothly, and participants truly enjoyed the night. There were absolutely no lines to get in, with ample seating and food. We were able to use the check in system once again to help TESC to get demographics on those attending TESC events. In the future, we could try a different food vendor or try to increase the variety of food present along with introducing some romantic and tasty desserts.