Destressing with the Engineering Community

E-Games happened in the Qualcomm Room on March 6, 2017


E-Games is an annual event that the Triton Engineering Student Council (TESC) hosts every year for E-Week, a week celebrating everything engineering. Typically, TESC organizations compete with each other to claim the grand prize of being the best TESC organization via brain/sporty games. It is an opportunity to bring the students together in friendly competition. This year marked the 10th anniversary!


Even though this event has been going on for a while, it has been on a steady decline in attendance. This year, there was only one organization who signed up to compete. To combat this, we opened the event to the public, making people who are solo sign up so that we can randomly create teams. However, this did not stir up excitement as well. Also working against us was the timing of the event. It was taking place on a Monday night in the middle of week 8, notorious for midterms. This was due to some miscommunication on my part with AS for funding, so we had to move the event back. Without TESC points (basically a money incentive for organizations) and the timing of the event, people just had no interest.

As the days were winding down to the event, it was decided that this year’s E-Games would fork over the competition and settle for a social. The format was changed to just include board games and Super Smash Brothers. We got around ~35 students to show up after the change. Most people came for the free Sambusas (which was really really good)!

For Next Year:

Looking to the future, there’s a lot of improvements that can be done to revamp and revitalize this event. First off, a greater emphasis on prizes to organizations can be made. Having something like a cash prize to compete for would actually put something on the line for people and it would be worth competing for. Another one is that the whole idea behind E-Games should be changed. A recommendation that some people have brought forth is that it should become a competition for a solo event, rather than a ton of mini-games.

There’s a lot to be done for next year, but I know that with teamwork and time, we can do it.