Engineers on the Green Fall 2016

A First Review of our Event’s Progress


Attendees: 523
Student Organizations: 30
Temperature: ~100°


With a blistering 100 degree weather, over 500 students came out to see what 31 engineering organizations on campus had to showcase. The projects ranged from student crafted video games (VGDC) to SEDS showing off some of their enormous rockets to engineering frats out in full force trying to recruit students to rush their organization.

The event looked to bring the engineering community closer to each other. By exposing hundreds of students to some of the many engineering opportunities to be found on campus, we hope to increase participation in our on-campus orgs and in our engineering community as a whole.


As a whole, the event went pretty smoothly. The lines were not too long to get in and the event space was able to accommodate the traffic. We also got to test, for the very first time, a brand new system for checking in (designed by student, Albert Chuang). TESC will be rolling out this new system to member organizations over the school year.

Attendance wise, we shrunk compared to last year’s overwhelming amount of people. This could be contributed to many factors including: weather, budget constraints, and advertising. We look to improve upon this as this was Social Committee’s first event for the year.

Looking to the future, we have heard calls for a second round of Engineers on the Green. We are looking toward a winter or spring quarter edition to get people more involved throughout the campus!