Winter Engineers on the Green 2017 Review

Engaging the student body with the engineering community


  1. Attendees: 140

2. Student Organizations: 18

Why did we have this event?

After a successful Engineers on the Green in the fall, the idea of a Winter Engineers on the Green came into fruition. The student organizations welcomed the idea, as they relished another chance to gather more students for their orgs. The 18 engineering organizations came out to show off what they had to offer to the engineering community, and how each student could come and make a difference in our Triton Engineering programs. After this event, hopefully we could help increase the participation for our engineers.

How did it go?

This was our first time hosting an event on Warren Mall, and with a new location means a new set of problems to deal with. The location was very open, meaning that we no longer could control the human traffic, and we could not accurately count the attendance of the event. The only thing incentivizing people to come to the corner booth to sign in was the ability to receive a slice of pizza. Because of this, we believe that the actual attendance was much higher than what we recorded, but we have no accurate estimate of how many people actually made it out.

Enjoying the VR club’s demo

Overall, many organizations came out to showcase their projects. The virtual reality organization captured many people’s interest, showing off a great demo of their virtual reality headset paired with the software they were working on. Many other great projects were also showcased. However, there was some absent orgs, and since there is no consequence for this absence, there is nothing we could do about this unless we implement a consequence for next time.

Another issue we had was the timing. We had not considered class schedules for the day, so the majority of the event happened during one block of class, hurting our overall attendance. This is definitely something that will be avoided for next time.

With another successful Engineers on the Green, we look forward to many more of these events, improving them each year.