Announcing Tritum’s Exchange and Tokenization Services

John Willock
Aug 2, 2019 · 2 min read

Tritum is launching a digital asset exchange platform, tokenization platform, and our first products focused on Brazil, an exchange Bolsa Cripto advised by Tritum Advisory, and tokenized Brazilian Real as BRMint

Tritum has liftoff!

Today is our proudest day so far in the short history of our company. Tritum is revealing our first suite of production digital asset solutions.

XT Exchange, our digital asset exchange solution built from institutional electronic securities markets technology.

Mintt, Tritum’s our non-security tokenization product suite from Tritum Digital Issuance, the asset digitization arm of Tritum, built in partnership with BlockX Labs.

Bolsa Cripto, a digital asset exchange for Brazil built in partnership with Tritum Advisory on XT Exchange technology, and launching our first tokenized fiat currency under Mintt, the Brazilian Real as BRMint.

More details for each of these will be published in individual posts subsequent this initial announcement. Please stay tuned to Tritum’s social media as well as and Bolsa Cripto’s social media for near term updates. We expect Bolsa Cripto, and BRMint to be open for live client trading as of September 1, 2019.

Tritum is committed to producing market leading solutions for digital asset services built with our decades of expertise from traditional electronic trading and financial markets.

We expect to rapidly follow up through the rest of 2019 with additional announcements regarding further token and liquidity solution deployments.

John Willock

Written by

CEO, Tritum. Pursuing innovation in financial services with trustless, frictionless technology.

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