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ENFTEE released NFT by Song Kwang-chan, a photographer who communicates through “face to face” than “show”

TriumphX, a crosschain-based decentralized NFT platform developer, introduced Song Kwang-chan’s first NFT series “Balloon Puppy Still Traveling’’ on

Song Kwang-chan’s first NFT series “Balloon Puppy Still Traveling” consists of six pictures telling that the photographer travels around the world repeatedly for his new works, but since traveling in these days is not easy, he sends a balloon puppy instead that brings the artist’s wish to see the world.

telling a wish to travel with a dog, but because of the pet allergy, he cannot raise a dog or travel with. Each work consists of up to 55 editions and will be introduced sequentially through ENFTEE.

Song Kwang-chan originally majored in mechanical engineering. He became interested in photography while working in the broadcasting club, and learned about photography from an elder of the newspaper team at the school. Later he met a photographer who studied photography in New York and returned to Korea, and they started a photo place called “Bittarae,” where it sold photographs and related books, and opened various small exhibitions for many photographers.

At the beginning of the work, Song Kwang-chan used infrared photography techniques to show the surrounding scenery in a more vivid way. He took a lot of pictures of palaces, hanoks, the traditional Korean buildings, and temples that incorporate Korean beauty. Recently, however, he is trying to capture the relationship between humans and space through buildings and the space inside them through more diverse materials and methods.

For Song Kwang-chan, the world consists of images and stories. The story you hear with ears becomes an image, and the image you see with eyes contains the story. It is hard to define as a whole what kind of story will be told through his work. Rather, he hopes the artist and the viewer communicate with each other face to face through photography.



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