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The first NFT Marketplace to link Ethereum and Klaytn: Sole-X ready to roll-out

TriumphX is in its final stage to launch secret weapon Sole-X, the cross-chain NFT marketplace. It has been delayed than expected because we have been developing user-friendly designs to make convenient transactions upon launching. However, we have decided not to keep it longer, and push ahead with its opening in April.

We repeatedly mentioned that Sole-X is a cross-chain tradable NFT marketplace. We have been hiding the existence of Orbit Chain, which serves as a bridge to provide users with a convenient cross-chain trading environment.

For example, if you link Ethereum based metamask wallet to Klaytn based Sole-X and send Ethereum based tokens to Sole-X , it will be automatically adjusted to Klaytn based. You could purchase Klaytn or Ethereum based NFTs. This kind of complex process happening within the blockchain is not shown. However, transferring Klaytn based NFT to Ethereum wallet or otherwise is impossible, therefore users could recognize transactions between different chains in the process through the transfer function.

Sole-X marketplace, filter out NFT by tag

Safe Transaction of Sole-X auction through Escrow

Another strength of Sole-X is that it was developed through Klaytn based, which makes it faster in speed and saves the gas fee that was unaffordable under ERC-20. Utilizing this aspect, there were various mainnet projects and L2 but it was difficult to attract users due to the imperfect cross-chain technology. Sole-X solved high gas fees, speed, and liquidity issues in the existing market and developed a user-oriented NFT marketplace.

As a result, Sole-X auction was able to implement an escrow function that was impossible in the Ethereum based marketplace. This system works by escrowing the highest price among participants, and escrowed tokens will be transferred to the seller’s Sole-X account upon successful bid. This could prevent unstable transactions that might occur by not depositing tokens even if the auction is successful.

※ Escrow refers to services of a neutral third party between the seller and the buyer to arrange money or goods during commercial transactions. It provides secured transactions.

Bidding page in Sole-X

Sole-X, Demonstration video launch

One picture is worth a thousand words. This video is a 9 minutes demonstration video that shows the main functions of Sole-X. Please note that NFT in the video is just an example because NFT planned for the NFT marketplace is still confidential.

Since NFT marketplace is a secondary marketplace where P2P transactions occur, TriumphX believes that our main priority is to provide a guidance and convenient environment for these three core functions: sales, purchase, and auction. For user friendly environment, we have implemented UI UX of used market services and ebay, which P2P transactions are active. Users could easily trade NFT even for the first time.

Trade freely all chain based NFTs in the world

Sole-X was designed for users to most conveniently deal with cross-chain transactions. It was possible through utilizing the Orbit Chain technology, which serves as a key hub for various blockchain projects to converge into one ecosystem. Please refer to the link below for more details about the Orbit Chain techonology.

We plan to make Sole-X as a portal for NFT marketplace in the future. We believe that users could expand their choice of NFT through maximizing the liquidity of popular NFT projects, which is traded in individual chains, and expanding the global NFT trading market. Please look forward to Sole-X’s challenge towards next NFT market.

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