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TriumphX Launches First NFT Series with Andy KHUN

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced on the 14th (Korea time) that it will release the first NFT series by author Andy KHUN.

Artist Andy KHUN has been working as an illustrator and art director for more than 20 years, drawing and contributing to various media such as books, magazines, and digital channels, and has consistently exhibited his personal works. His career started when he accidentally contributed paintings to <Cine 21> and <The Hankyoreh 21>.

He illustrated various art works for more than 400 books, including Encyclopedia of Monsters in Korea, and wrote and illustrated the Encyclopedia of Urban Creatures, Tokyo Pulp Fiction, and My Mediterranean Greeting. He worked as an art director in <Monthly Yoon Jong Shin>, <Made in Space>, and <Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival>, and planned and conducted <Flower Wall Project> at the Candlelight Rally in Gwanghwamun for about six months from 2016 to the following year.

He is also active as an artist, exhibiting various types of exhibitions in various places such as Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Starting with the daily drawing project he started in 2013, he is still looking for new types of work, such as drawing archiving based on social media.

TriumphX is releasing some of the works of author Andy KHUN in The Encyclopedia of Monsters in Korea as an NFT series. The author spent a lot of time looking for the appropriate line so that the book can be read for a long time and used as a material without being swayed by trends and not feeling too old-fashioned. He also tried to draw the monsters in the book based on the excerpted archival records because they were not real, but he tried not to feel like they would appear in a fantasy game. Using the gaze of a person from the past who claims to have witnessed the monster, try to translate what he saw as realistically as possible according to his time, but do not deprive the reader of the opportunity to imagine themselves with a too realistic description.

TriumphX is releasing this NFT series by adding animation effects to the works of artist Andy KHUN to create a more lively monster feel.

This K-Monster series 1 by artist Andy KHUN is a total of 12 works, and only editions 1–10 per work will be pre-sale first. After that, the 3rd sale will follow, and the pre-sale is a great opportunity to own the first edition of author Andy KHUN at a lower price. The 1–10 edition will be released first through ENFTEE, followed by Sole-X and OpenSea.



TriumphX is a decentralised exchange for the trading of in-game items that exists as NFTs. Our goal is to create a highly liquid decentralised market that enables users to trade NFT tokens that exist across various blockchains with the highest security and transparency.

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