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TriumphX opens virtual reality gallery ‘ENFTEE The Vision’

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it has opened a virtual reality (VR) gallery under the name of “The Vision” within its own NFT issuance platform ENFTEE.

ENFTEE’s ‘The Vision’ was carried out in collaboration with Eazel, a VR exhibition content platform company, which uses VR technology to record and archive exhibitions of leading art museums and galleries that occur simultaneously around the world. Eazel aims to become the largest art museum in the world.

TriumphX plans to apply’ The Vision’ as the first case in collaboration with Special Art, a social enterprise that supports artists with developmental disabilities to become independent in society. With this, TriumphX provides a new opportunity to participate in the exhibition to those who could not attend the exhibition in person for various reasons.

Since ENFTEE’s ‘The Vision’ is an exhibition spread out in a virtual space, it has the advantage of being able to always exist as an open space without being constrained by time or space. In addition, ENFTEE’s ‘The Vision’ can exhibit works with added special effects such as animation through digitization, so in a sense, you can find a richer level of fun than existing exhibitions.

TriumphX will continue to release high-quality content as NFT in the future, and at the same time open a VR exhibition through ‘The Vision’. This is also to expand the meaning of NFT, which can be limited to the meaning of scarcity and personal collection, to preserve value and to show value sharing on a more practical level.

One of TriumphX officials said, “We believe that NFT is a new technology that connects me, you and the world, and a space in itself. NFT can be a three-dimensional interpretation rather than a simple flat record of content, and through it, a new world can be continuously experienced. We will create an NFT platform that can provide that experience to the public.”



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